John Epler

John Epler

John Epler is an American entrepreneur and humanitarian who has been active in assisting disadvantaged communities worldwide. He is the founder of the Community Challenge Fund, a non-profit organization that has helped to build over 44 community projects.

At GDC 2016, BioWare Narrative Director John Epler discussed the challenges of writing meaningful, emotional story lines in Dragon Age. He also discussed the negative backlash the franchise received in its earlier years.

Early Life and Education

John Epler was born in Germany and came to America with his family. He settled near Reading, Berks county, Pennsylvania and was a Lutheran.

His father was a mercenary and his mother was a herbalist. Her nature-loving views were a cause for some fear and she was arrested in Wurttemberg and charged with witchcraft, but Kepler successfully defended her.

In his later years he moved around a lot and ended up casting horoscopes for General Wallenstein, a military commander. He also worked on his Harmony of the World, a work on planetary theory and mathematics.

As a young man, Kepler was influenced by the Bible and the Trinity. He believed that the divine plan was written in nature, with the heavenly bodies expressing this truth.

Professional Career

John Epler was a very accomplished and dedicated professional. He was a member of Financial Executives International and held a master’s degree in business administration.

He retired in 2012. During his time as a Managing Partner at Union Texas Petroleum, John held many responsibilities, including corporate controller and treasury officer.

The company was a pioneer in the development of new technologies and methods to improve oil and gas production, resulting in substantial economic and environmental benefits for the industry.

In addition to his technical accomplishments, Epler was a tireless advocate for peace and poverty issues around the globe. He served two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic, helping poor communities construct schools and water systems. He also worked in the Seattle office of HUD, where he was the head of Community Development for several years.

Achievements and Honors

Kepler made many scientific contributions, introducing several laws that govern planetary motions and offering an explanation for how ocean tides occur. He also provided a new understanding of optics, working out how the human eye and pinhole cameras work as well as developing corrective lenses for near-sightedness.

He is best known for his work on the laws of planetary motions, which are used to explain a wide range of natural phenomena. He also discovered several semiregular polyhedra and provided a theoretical foundation for astrology that is still in use today.

Personal Life

John Epler spent his life dedicated to human issues. He served two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic, where he helped poor communities construct schools and water systems.

He then went on to work in poverty programs with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in San Francisco. He later started his own consulting firm to help cities and states develop effective programs to end homelessness.

A few years ago, someone re-surfaced an interview Hepler had done six years earlier and accused her of ruining BioWare’s combat system in Dragon Age 2. It was all over the internet at that point, but Hepler took her case to court and got it thrown out.

Net Worth

John epler has a net worth of $33,543,366. He earned this amount from his career as a baseball player. He has been in the sport for many years and is regarded as one of the top players on the field. He has also received several awards and honors. He has been a good friend to many people and is known for his honesty and integrity. He is also a member of Financial Executives International and St. Francis Episcopal Church.

john epler was born on March 1955. He is currently a single guy and does not have any affairs with anyone. He is living a happy life and enjoys his freedom. He has been dating abby dahlkemper but she and he split up in early 2019. He is still looking for his future wife and is planning to get married soon.

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