John Eydenberg

John Eydenberg

The senior Citi banker oversees the bank’s relationships with private equity, family offices, and sovereign wealth funds. He’s also tasked with managing the bank’s relationships with Softbank’s $100bn Vision fund, which in less than three years has become the world’s biggest investor in technology companies.

The former Deutsche Bank investment banking head is among seven rainmakers Citi hired this summer from rivals, including Mark Keene and Mark Hantho. They will join Herb Yeh to run technology investment banking globally.

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Professional Career

john eydenberg has had a storied career in the finance sector for more than a decade. One of the more prestigious roles was heading up Citigroup Inc.’s Emea – the global asset managers unit. A well rounded portfolio of clients spanning multiple geographies and investment strategies has been a rewarding challenge for the multitasking exec. The award winning EMEA group has been recognized by many as the most innovative and capable of any major global financial institution. The award winning group is a veritable showcase of the best in class capabilities and most importantly, customer service. It is also a model for employee retention.

Achievements and Honors

John Eydenberg is a successful and respected senior executive who has achieved many notable accomplishments in his career. He currently holds the position of Chairman for Deutsche Bank Americas based in New York.

He also sits on the global CIB executive committee as well as being a senior sponsor for diversity and recruiting efforts within the firm. He is also active in veteran’s charities and has co-founded Veterans on Wall Street, a consortium of financial services firms dedicated to supporting veteran’s causes.

He has been rewarded with various honors throughout his life, including an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his work on organ donation and transplantation. He has also been named an honorary member of the University of Cambridge, as well as a recipient of a prestigious award from the United States Navy.

Personal Life

John Eydenberg, a senior vice president of Deutsche Bank’s corporate and investment banking unit, is a well rounded, down to earth gentleman. In addition to his responsibilities at the Big Blue, he also serves on the boards of a number of public and private companies including the National Hockey League, and the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, among others. He has also made a number of charitable contributions, donating his time and money to worthy causes. Probably the most noteworthy of these is his commitment to helping veterans who have lost their limbs in service to their country. The most impressive thing about this particular philanthropy is that it has been rewarded with a lifelong legacy of hope, joy and support. Known for his kindness, generosity and willingness to serve others, he was recently presented with the Distinguished Service Award by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Net Worth

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