John Hanrath

John Hanrath

John Hanrath is a musician who combines guitar, bass, and synthesizer in his music. He is also a sufferer of Meniere’s disease/syndrome, a long term, progressive vestibular disorder affecting the balance and hearing parts of the inner ear.

He is a member of the University of Kansas’s Academic Computing and Electronic Collaboration Committee. He has spoken at the ACEC meeting.

Achievements and Honors

john hanrath achieved many accomplishments during his lifetime. He was a successful biomedical electronics field engineer and a motivational speaker. He was also a United States Navy veteran who served as a member of Underwater Demolition Team 21 and Seal Team One. He was married to Kathleen Stacey and they had three children. He was also an accomplished writer.

Chesterton High School honored scores of students at its annual Senior Honors Night on Monday, May 16, 2022 in the CHS Auditorium. Awards and scholarships were given to Joseph Hall, Perfect Attendance for Four Years; Addison Leady, Family and Consumer Science; Tristan Reed, Japanese; Presli Rose, Spanish; Carley Balas and Christopher Mullen, Athletes of the Year; Mark Jewison Social Studies; Allistair Babjack, Special Education; and Josephine Livovich, Visual Arts.

Personal Life

Aside from his music prowess, john hanrath is an avid traveler and foodie. He has made numerous trips to destinations including Japan, Hawaii, Mexico, and Italy. He has also spent countless hours in the kitchen creating delectable meals for his family and friends. His love for food and cooking led to the birth of Hanrath Foods, which has since grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise with several retail outlets around the globe. Currently, the company produces a variety of products ranging from canned foods to ready-to-cook items and frozen dinners. The brand is known for its high quality and exceptional customer service.

john hanrath has been married to his longtime wife Velva Hope Norris for 68 years and they are the proud parents of three kids.

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