John Huston Net Worth

John Huston Net Worth – A Look at the Life of John Huston

Discover the fascinating life of John Huston. From his legendary film career to his personal relationships.

He has directed numerous groundbreaking movies such as The Maltese Falcon, Key Largo, The Treasure of Sierra Madre and The African Queen.

He wrote numerous screenplays for films such as Dr. Ehrlich’s Magic Bullet, High Sierra and Sergeant York.

Early Life and Education

Huston battled an enlarged heart and kidney disease as a child but overcame his fragility to become California amateur boxing champion (with an unforgettable broken nose!). Additionally, he dabbled in acting on stage productions as well as writing for Esquire magazine and Theatre Arts magazines.

He married three times – Dorothy Harvey, Lesley Black and Enrica Soma – and had five children from these marriages including actress Anjelica Huston from Soma’s first marriage and Soma’s daughter Allegra from an earlier union.

His directorial career launched with The Maltese Falcon and continued through to 1970 with notable films like Fat City and Prizzi’s Honor; additionally, he directed wartime documentaries before dying due to emphysema in 1987.

Professional Career

Born August 5, 1906, Huston became one of the greatest directors in film history with classics like The Maltese Falcon, Treasure of the Sierra Madre and The African Queen under his direction and screenwriting credits garnering him twelve Academy Award nominations.

He overcame a fragile childhood plagued with kidney disease and an enlarged heart to become California’s amateur boxing champion (with an iconic broken nose). Additionally, he pursued painting, horseback riding and opera.

After spending some time teaching horsemanship in Mexico and becoming an honorary member of their cavalry force, he took up writing. Submitting stories to various magazines and newspapers in New York led him to being hired by Warner Brothers who hired him to write screenplays for several films such as Sergeant York; its success allowed him to gain directorial roles for subsequent movies.

Achievement and Honors

John Huston was an Academy Award-winning director, screenwriter, and actor renowned for his versatility across genres. His works contributed greatly to modernist film noir as he explored themes of morality, social responsibility, spiritual inquiry, history-themed adventure films and literary adaptation.

Huston earned fifteen Oscar nominations over his long career, winning two and setting a new age record when nominated at age 79 for Prizzi’s Honor.

Famously known for directing actors like Sydney Greenstreet, Claire Trevor, Humphrey Bogart, and Katharine Hepburn; as well as being Gandalf in Rankin/Bass’ animated Middle-earth series; he was also known as an eccentric raconteur, bon vivant, horseman and big game hunter who became filmdom’s grand old maverick.

Personal Life

Huston lived a controversial and eventful life that saw him battle with both wives, run into legal issues, chase prostitutes across Paris and at sea while filming Moulin Rouge; bring pre-Columbian statueta out of Mexico during The Treasure of Sierra Madre film shoot; sire at least one illegitimate child without consent, win and lose fortunes playing card games before ultimately succumbing to chronic emphysema in Ireland in 1987 – eventually dying with only $70,000 left in his account.

He published short stories in magazines such as Esquire and Theatre Arts, wrote the play Frankie and Johnny which won the New York Drama Critics Award, was also an accomplished director, producer, screenwriter; having directed classic films such as The Maltese Falcon, Treasure of Sierra Madre, and The African Queen.

Net Worth

John Huston was an award-winning director, screenwriter and actor who had a five decade long career. Throughout this time he won two Academy Awards and eight nominations and championed human rights by founding the Committee for the First Amendment in 1947.

He directed numerous acclaimed films such as The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Key Largo, The Asphalt Jungle and The African Queen. Additionally, he was an esteemed character actor appearing in both leading and supporting roles across numerous movies and television series.

Anjelica Huston was his fifth child. He married Evelyn Keyes from 1948 until they separated in 1967; later he wed ballet dancer Enrica Soma until she died in 1950 and Celeste Shane from 1972 until they split in 1977.

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