John Lindau

John Lindau

John Lindau is a Swedish furniture designer renowned for his innovative, creative, and analytical approach to design.

He is the CEO and design manager at Bla Station. He believes in encouraging collaboration, creativity, and difficulty during the design process. Through his efforts, he hopes to shape the future of Swedish and international furniture manufacturing.

Early Life and Education

John Lindau was born on January 11, 1926 to Paul Lindau and Emma Wenthe.

He graduated from Andes High School in 1959 and then enlisted in the Marine Corps, serving during various conflicts throughout his service.

After his service was complete, he wed Gertrude “Trudy” Lindau.

She was a loving wife and mother, as well as an inspiration to Christian living. Survived by her husband John and daughters Anne Lindau and Hope Lindau, she will be greatly missed.

Professional Career

John was always intrigued by the stories of scientists who achieved success with their research. This curiosity eventually led him to apply to the Lindau meeting, an annual gathering of young scientists where up to 30 Nobel laureates take part in an all-expenses paid trip to Germany for a week.

John Lindau, 66 years old, was found guilty of fraudulence in the name of science. She received a six month sentence that will be delated to one year community service. Her crimes weren’t due to one bad decision but rather multiple foresightful and repeated acts. Her particular cleverness lay in how she managed her clients’ payroll tax accounts using modern day technology in order to help them save money on their payroll taxes.

Achievements and Honors

John Lindau’s leadership role at the Lindau physics lab at the University of Pennsylvania was one of his greatest accomplishments. As head of this group, he pioneered the use of various laser technologies which would prove essential to their long-term success. Over time, they have received numerous honors including being named a center of excellence by the American Physical Society.

Over time, Lindau Physics Lab has undergone significant modifications and repurposings to meet its present-day duties. Its newest occupant – Laboratory of Photonic Materials and Devices – continues to lead research in innovative areas. Furthermore, several faculty members from this lab have received awards from their peers for their achievements.

Personal Life

John Lindau had a distinguished career as professor of neuropathology at the University of Kansas Medical Center. He published over 150 original research articles in his field and earned an honorary position within Alpha-Omega-Alpha Medical Honor Society.

In the 1930s, he was actively engaged in research related to meningiomas and other nervous system tumors. Furthermore, he published papers on tumor immunology and pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma.

In his free time, Lindau worked as a volunteer teacher. Additionally, he enjoyed reading history books and playing the piano.

After graduating from his education, he moved to Kansas City and wed Magda. Together they were blessed with two children: Charles, his brother; and Elsie Miller, their daughter.

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