John Linfield

John Linfield

Linfield College has developed into a national university with campuses in McMinnville and Portland, Oregon. The school offers master’s degrees in nursing, business administration, sports management and analytics.

The First Scholars program matches incoming students with a mentor who can guide them during the initial years of college life. This connection helps ensure students feel part of the campus community.

Early Life and Education

Linfield College, now Linfield University, was established by northern Baptists who believed that freedom of conscience should be at the core of human experience. Initially, however, the college faced financial and leadership obstacles.

At its McMinnville campus, Linfield University offers full-time bachelor’s degrees in arts and sciences as well as master’s degrees in nursing and business, plus online courses. Additionally, there is a School of Nursing and Division of Continuing Education available.

The history department at Linfield offers an in-depth exploration into human nature through historical methods, area studies and research/writing. The department is open to all students with appropriate academic credentials who show an aptitude for this study of history. An endowed fund in the department rewards a cash scholarship each year to a graduating senior who demonstrates exceptional interest and proficiency in historical research, analysis and composition.

Professional Career

Linfield students take advantage of an innovative teaching and learning atmosphere where intellectual curiosity can flourish. Here, they develop critical-thinking, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills that are indispensable for professional success and career agility.

The college embraces diversity of thought and encourages students from various backgrounds to participate in its comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes global competencies within their chosen discipline. By studying abroad or engaging with international individuals, students develop cultural competency, leadership abilities, and the capacity for adapting and succeeding in an ever-changing global environment.

Linfield University has a longstanding tradition of supporting first-generation students and is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of all its students. Recent diversity scholarships have resulted in increased retention among Latinx first-generation students (80%), now at par with the rest of the student body (80%).

Achievements and Honors

John Linfield has had a remarkable athletic career. He earned recognition as an outstanding football and basketball player at Linfield College.

He has earned a variety of honors, including letters of excellence in football and basketball from the Northwest Conference as well as NAIA honors for both sports.

Linfield College is a nationally-recognized private institution situated in the Pacific Northwest. The school blends traditional liberal arts with practical education through collaborative, service and experiential learning opportunities.

The school promotes a vision of learning, life and community that fosters intellectual curiosity and creativity, values both theoretical and practical knowledge, fosters thoughtful dialogue in an atmosphere of mutual respect, honors the diversity of cultures and ways of understanding. Furthermore, it sparks curiosity for a lifetime of inquiry while instilling courage to live by moral and spiritual principles while upholding freedom of conscience.

Personal Life

Linfield University has a rich and varied history that contrasts with its more up-to-date academic culture. While struggling to meet financial obligations, the school remains committed to its liberal academic tradition.

Linfield University stands out among other schools by providing students with hands-on education in fields like nursing and business. Plus, its president isn’t your typical ivory tower intellectual.

Recent reporting by The Oregonian/OregonLive revealed an alleged sexual assault involving Linfield Board of Trustees Chair James Jubb last year. This marked the first time a student trustee had made such allegations against him, though records show Baca was on the board but not chairman when it allegedly occurred.

Net Worth

John Linfield boasts a net worth of $4 million. He founded several businesses, such as a financial services firm and healthcare organization, plus owning property in Portland, Oregon. Additionally, he has contributed to various charitable organizations. With an expansive family – his oldest son being professor at Linfield College – John has been part of his community for years, serving as mentor to young people with a heart of service that has touched countless lives throughout his lifetime.

John’s mother passed away, so he wanted to create a lasting tribute by setting up a memorial gift at Linfield University in her honor. Inspired by his mother’s tireless work to improve the community, john believes that giving back will ensure future generations can benefit from Linfield’s top-notch programs.

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