John Mayeski

John Mayeski

John Mayeski, born January 12, 1941, was a renowned librarian. After serving in the Air Force for five years, he held various positions at libraries around the country, including director of learning resources for colleges and universities.

He was found guilty of the murders of two young men during a bank robbery in July 1978. The defendant and his brother abducted the boys from a fast food restaurant, took their car for getaway, then killed them.

Early Life and Education

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Achievements and Honors

John Mayeski may not be a household name, but he has created several noteworthy products. One of the most renowned is an exclusive computer called the iTeach which can only be viewed by appointment. On a more personal note, his biggest fan is Frances Elizabeth Gelven – his wife of 47 years with two sons, one daughter and numerous grandchildren living at their home in Bettendorf, Iowa. John’s iTeach initiative was an admirable attempt to provide educational resources while respecting people’s privacy and dignity at the same time.

Personal Life

John Mayeski had an illustrious career in libraries. He served as director of learning resources at College of the Redwoods in Eureka, California; manager of professional libraries for Cherry Creek School District in Aurora, Colorado; library personnel officer at University of Washington Seattle; and executive officer of the Air Force Academy Library in Colorado Springs.

On July 5, 1978, Robert Alton Harris kidnapped Michael Baker and John Mayeski, both 16, from a fast-food restaurant in San Diego. He forced them into his car and drove them to an isolated wash near Miramar Reservoir where he shot them dead. Harris was eventually convicted of their murders and sentenced to death.

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