John McNeilly

John McNeilly

John McNeilly is a beloved figure in the Sonoma Valley and beloved to many. When his life was turned upside down due to an auto accident, his friends rallied around him to provide comfort and care.

McNeilly’s opinion piece for the Detroit News, Don’t Hijack Michigan’s Constitution, attempts to give the impression that he supports the state constitution and urges voters not to vote on Proposal 2. Additionally, McNeilly appears loyal to members of the DeVos Family and their political interests.

Early Life and Education

John McNeilly was born in Tennessee to John Robert McNeilly and Rhoda Ellen Webb. He attended public schools before going on to earn multiple degrees in biology and general sciences.

In addition to his education, he was actively engaged in community service and charitable work. Furthermore, he served as chaplain for the 49th Tennessee Infantry during the Civil War.

John and Diane McNeilly dedicated their lives to Kishwaukee College, contributing their expertise as it was being built from scratch. Even today they remain passionate about education.

Professional Career

McNeilly has earned a reputation as one of the game’s most experienced and hardworking caddies. He has worked with numerous tournament champions, such as Nick Faldo, Nick Price and Padraig Harrington.

McNeilly has also collaborated with Matt Wallace, who has had an impressive start to his European Tour career. Wallace’s recent top-20 finish at the US PGA Championship has impressed McNeilly and he’s eager to see what else the young Englishman can accomplish in 2018.

McNeilly holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and an advanced master’s degree in Secondary Education and Science Ed from Creighton University. He was previously employed at Nathan Hale Junior High and Nebraska City High School, teaching Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses while creating curriculum and leading science clubs.

Achievements and Honors

John McNeilly has been an integral part of the Point Loma community for most of its existence. He served on both the board of directors and as a volunteer in the athletic program.

He was a long-standing employee at the college as their business operations manager, serving there for many years before retiring in 1990.

Throughout his career, he earned several accolades.

Each year, The American Institute of Chemists Award is given to one or more outstanding senior(s) majoring in chemistry, recognized for their potential advancement as professional chemists and for leadership qualities, ability, character traits, and academic accomplishment.

Each year, The Organic Chemistry Achievement Award is given to one or more outstanding student(s) in organic chemistry as determined by faculty selection.

Personal Life

John McNeilly was an inspiring educator for 27 years at Nebraska City High School, teaching Biology, Chemistry and Physics to his students. Additionally, he volunteered his time to various science and teaching organizations within the community.

McNeilly was an esteemed chemistry educator, earning numerous awards from the American Chemical Society for his work. In addition to teaching classes, he created curriculum and mentored Science Clubs.

He was an enthusiastic gardener, planting trees and contributing to many community initiatives.

He has been an active participant in the Michigan Republican Party and served as consultant to party Chairman Ronald Weiser and Windquest Group, owned by Dick and Betsy DeVos.

Net Worth

John McNeilly’s net worth is estimated to be under $25K. He resides in Pittsburgh, PA and makes an annual income of $15-24K. After living here for 3 years and without children in his household, the property he resides in is part of a multi family dwelling unit with 10+ units; the median home value in this area ranges from $75-99K.

McNeilly recounted meeting Mickel and Hilty during a trip to Washington’s Yakima Valley in 1999, one year after they had founded Ross Andrew Vineyards. Since then they had become friends and spent three nights a week together. Both men were highly charismatic individuals as well as “extremely likable,” McNeilly remarked.

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