John Mihalik

John Mihalik

John Mihalik is a physician, ethicist and climate activist. As part of the Climate Reality Leadership Team, he serves as an adviser to community groups, government agencies and other climate change advocacy organizations by offering talks, consultations, legislative analysis and testimony.

He has 13 sacks in his high school career, but he needs to improve as both a pass rusher and run-stopper. Through coaching, film study and other methods he could become an impressive NFL player with this potential.

Early Life and Education

John Mihalik was born on the month of 1917 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Michael Steve Mihalik and Anna Mihalik (nee Pastor).

He has seven siblings: Frank Mihalik, Stephen Mihalik, Bill Mihalik, Mary Anne Mihalik, Susan Mihalik, John Allen Mihalik and Joannes Mihalik.

His early education began at Johnstown High School in Pennsylvania. There, he majored in math and physics.

He had an aptitude for science and astronomy. As a husband and father, he enjoyed spending time with his family. A proud American, he served his country admirably during the Korean War. Additionally, he was an active member of his church. Sadly, many will miss him; many will remember his kind heart, love for those close to him, and devotion to those closest to him.

Professional Career

John Mihalik began his career at Eckerd as a pharmacy assistant and eventually rose through the ranks to become a pharmacist. His duties included working with customers and handling customer complaints.

In April 2002, Eckerd’s Human Resource Specialist for Bucks County received a complaint from him regarding discriminatory treatment. He stated that his gender had been taken advantage of and he no longer received every third Tuesday as an annual paid day off.

Shortly after Pagano and Kim left Flowers Mill, Bachman transferred Mihalik to another Eckerd pharmacy. He designated CVS pharmacist John Kleinfelder as its PIC, while offering another Eckerd pharmacist Elizabeth Fernandez the opportunity to work at Flowers Mill as a floater.

Achievements and Honors

John Mihalik is an experienced software engineer who has built numerous enterprise and consumer technology products over his career. Currently, he serves as Chief Technology Officer at Skyword, responsible for all of their technology initiatives.

He received numerous honors and awards for his work and accomplishments, such as the Billy Bryant Prize for Teaching, Bjarni J?nsson Prize for Research, and Stan Mickel Award.

He was honored by his classmates for his devotion to the College. He earned the title Alma Mater, an honor bestowed upon students based on character, integrity, service to their community and high academic standards. Additionally, he was a member of Phi Kappa Tau fraternity.

Personal Life

John Mihalik is a retired military officer and math teacher who served the country for 23 years. Born in Austria, he later relocated to Florida.

He is survived by his beloved wife, Susie. A proud grandfather and great-grandfather who deeply loved his children and grandchildren, he will always remain in our hearts.

He was a member of Calvary Baptist Church and survived by his sisters Virginia Gurney and Shirley Lorenz. In 1984 he was predeceased by his wife Mary Patricia (Sadler) Mihalik.

Net Worth

Mihalik is an accomplished American football player with a net worth of $5 Million. He was selected in the seventh round of the 2015 NFL draft by the Philadelphia Eagles and has enjoyed great success since.

At Boston College, he played defensive end. After not making the team’s 53-man roster, he was signed to their practice squad.

After being released, he signed a futures contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers and made his NFL debut against Detroit Lions on August 12, 2016. Unfortunately, injury prevented him from playing further and caused him to miss the remainder of the season; later signed by Detroit to their practice squad as a free agent. Throughout his playing career, he has recorded 237 tackles for loss and 63 sacks while recording an impressive 65 quarterback hits.

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