John Miri

John Miri

John Miri is a transformational energy and water executive leading 22 divisions of a billion-dollar public utility serving millions of customers in the fastest growing region of America’s fastest growing state. He’s an expert at digital transformation, technology, resilience and cybersecurity at enterprise scale.

He architected, funded and led a 26-fold expansion of LCRA’s critical infrastructure cyberdefense and founded a new integrated Resilience department. During multiple extreme weather events and the COVID-19 pandemic, Miri’s team delivered industry-leading performance.

Early Life and Education

john miri has a wealth of accolades to his name, including being named to the prestigious HSBC Bank Scholars list. He is also a proud member of his school’s Mu Alpha Theta chapter and physics club, as well as the editor-in-chief of his school newspaper. Johnny has also earned a Superior Plus rating from the National Guild of Quiz Bowlers, and has played piano for over ten years. He is an avid student of history, a proud swashbuckler in his high school’s debate team and an enthusiastic supporter of the arts. Among his many honors, he was the top ranked student in his high school class and has been nominated for a number of academic awards. He has also been an active volunteer for local charities, and is a member of the Austin Fire Department’s Junior Volunteer Program.

Professional Career

Miri is an energetic, self-motivated and a highly analytical early professional who has a strong ability to research and analyze public policy issues. She is committed to improving the efficiency and fairness of American policy and enjoys using her research, analytical, and problem-solving skills to make positive change in her field.

She is also passionate about empowering women and youth in the workplace. She is dedicated to building a culture of inclusivity in her workplace, and uses her leadership roles as well as her passion for teaching to help others succeed in their careers.

She is a self-confessed music lover and loves to listen to songs that include jazz or cross-cultural elements. She is also a self-taught musician and invented her own drum called the “uduboo” made from laminated pine based on an African clay pot “udu” and bamboo “boo.”

Achievements and Honors

John miri has a successful career in a variety of fields. He has worked as an entrepreneur, technology exec, and government executive, building high-performing teams. He has created more than a dozen software products and earned US patent 7,571,138.

He has also served as a director for the State of Texas. He has led teams from 2 to 600 people and has managed OpEx budgets over $100 million.

He has also received awards and recognition for his achievements. He has been named to the College’s Teaching Award list and the Linzer Grants and Awards list, both of which recognize faculty who demonstrate excellence in teaching and represent curricular leadership across the University.

Personal Life

In his spare time, Miri enjoys playing ukulele. He also works as an entrepreneur and technology expert.

John Miri was born on April 15, 1992, in Austin, Texas, USA. He is currently a high school student at St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School in Austin.

As a member of the school’s Mu Alpha Theta chapter, he is president and editor-in-chief of the school newspaper. He also participates in the physics club and computer science club.

After serving 18 years in prison for killing her best friend, Lara Boback, Miri is trying to make a fresh start. But moving back to her hometown of Hythe hasn’t helped her. And her mother’s adulterous affair with her ex-boyfriend Dom (Jamie Michie) only makes things worse.

Net Worth

john miri’s net worth is $5 million. She is a Violinist and songwriter who has worked with many famous artists, including Alicia Keys and John Legend. She has released over four solo albums.

In addition to her musical career, she has also earned a living as a journalist. She is currently working as a weekday morning weather forecaster on Wake Up Washington for WUSA 9 since September 2017.

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