John Panagakos

John Panagakos

John is a lifelong Torontoite who knows his city and its residents intimately. As the proud father of two, John understands the significance of finding an appropriate home for your family.

John is dedicated to lifelong learning and always seeks out innovative solutions to aid his clients. Through his system, many have been able to pay off over $60,000 worth of mortgage debt, build additional equity in their homes, and take steps towards financial freedom.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood (birth to five) are a time of incredible brain development. Additionally, this period provides children with essential social-emotional skills like self-worth and optimistic self-belief.

Therefore, it’s essential for children to experience small class sizes and ample teacher interaction during these formative years. These environments can help children build the strong emotional foundations necessary for academic success as well as beyond.

National University’s Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education program gives students the unique experience to witness early learning firsthand with five hours of field experience each semester. They learn how to craft lesson plans and utilize play as a teaching tool, while also exploring current research implications regarding brain development and cognition.

Professional Career

John is a licensed mortgage expert with vast knowledge of the industry. He enjoys sharing the latest home and small business finance technology with his clients, giving them plenty of options and services tailored for borrowers of all ages and backgrounds – and is eager to tell you about them all! So whether you need a loan to impress your boss, save the family budget, or both – contact John today for more information!

Achievements and Honors

John Panagakos has earned numerous distinctions throughout his life. He received awards such as the American Bar Association’s John Marshall Award for Handling Appeals and the New York State Appellate Court’s Public Service Award.

He was also recognized for his work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He coordinated, administered and managed numerous projects for them such as 12 miles of closed files, setting up an evidence response team facility in Maryland and constructing their main headquarters building in Washington D.C.

He has been an active participant of the Carrollton High School Club and received County Up and Coming and Going and Growing Awards. Additionally, he has taken part in many community projects and events.

Personal Life

John Panagakos was a proud husband and father of five, as well as an active member of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He loved sports – particularly the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers – and had an eye for basketball excellence. Additionally, John enjoyed cigars, golfing, traveling around the world with his family – an accomplishment which culminated with them taking their annual trip around the world together.

John Panagakos was not only one of the greatest sports fans, but a well-rounded individual who took pride in his accomplishments and was fiercely loyal to his family for an extended period. A beloved member of the Palm Beach Gardens community, he will be greatly missed by many.

Net Worth

John Panagakos is a property developer with numerous projects underway, such as several Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants in Dartmouth and New Bedford, plus the Texas Roadhouse restaurant on Faunce Corner Road in Dartmouth. Additionally, he owns numerous retail stores and office buildings in both cities.

His admirers, such as Dartmouth developer Richie Medeiros, describe him as a smart and experienced real estate entrepreneur with an excellent eye for property. He’s known to take on municipalities when they impose unnecessary or unfair requirements and regulations. Detractors such as planning board members and neighbors of his various developments describe him as tough negotiator who won’t hesitate to sue when he feels wronged – including in relation to a lawsuit against Dartmouth over their no-left-turn requirement at Little John’s Pizza in Fairhaven.

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