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Public Relations Expert – John Panichella

John Panichella is a renowned public relations expert known for his work with celebrities and brands. Since 2010, he founded JPPR with clients such as Tommy Winkler, 2x Super Bowl Champion Logan Ryan and recording artist Johnny Orlando – all natives of Pittsburgh, PA.

Early Life and Education

John Panichella was born into a large Italian immigrant family and raised in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. His life was filled with laughter and fond memories with his siblings and their children; he was an immensely proud grandfather who delighted in sharing stories of his grandchildren’s accomplishments with friends and neighbors.

He was passionate about his job and well-known for his keen attention to detail. As a reliable paper route driver, he always put in extra effort and took special care with customers in well-to-do neighborhoods. Furthermore, he enjoyed wearing earphones to listen to music on the radio – it seemed like such an easy-going gesture! But most of all, he was just an all-around cheerful individual who made everyone around him feel at ease.

Professional Career

John Panichella has been in the chemical industry for over 25 years. He has held leadership roles in business development, operations management, sales and marketing as well as strategic development at General Electric (GE) and BetzDearborn Inc. Currently he serves as President and CEO of Solenis, a specialty chemical firm dedicated to water treatment.

He has earned The Chemists’ Club’s Winthrop-Sears Medal for Entrepreneurial Achievement. In his role at Solenis, he continues to build an entrepreneurial leadership platform that has enabled them to expand core technologies with new product investments, add adjacent technologies, build infrastructure to support growth in emerging markets and reduce manufacturing costs. To this day his focus remains on developing innovative products and platforms in water treatment – an area which desperately needs innovation.

Achievements and Honors

John Panichella is the current President and CEO of Solenis, a large specialty chemical company. His responsibilities include developing core technologies through new product investments, adding adjacent technologies, developing infrastructure to support growth in emerging markets, as well as cutting costs in manufacturing operations. Furthermore, he serves on the board of directors at Ashland Water Technologies.

He was also awarded The Chemists’ Club’s 2022 Winthrop-Sears Medal for Entrepreneurial Achievement, honoring an innovative development with far reaching commercial success that could benefit both industry and consumers alike. William Wulfsohn of Ashland Global Holdings, Heinz Haller of Dow Chemical, Gorge Corbin of Solvay, Mario Nappa (Chemours), Scott Power from DuPont and Jon M. Huntsman of Huntsman Chemical Corporation have all received this honor before.

Personal Life

John Panichella is a renowned public relations expert who enjoys spending time with family and friends. He loves to travel, having spent many hours traveling the country over the years with his wife Susan and son Benjamin.

He enjoys writing and singing in his free time. Since 2014, he has been part of an award-winning a cappella group which has toured across America as well as performing on Good Morning America and Disney Plus show Growing Up.

After several years working as the West Coast Reporter for Bauer Xcel Media’s teen brands J-14 and TWIST, John launched his own PR company. He currently collaborates with social media sensation Tommy Winkler, star of Netflix Top 10 Series Buying Beverly Hills, vocal prodigy Vella and more to expand their reach within the music industry.

Net Worth

John Panichella has a net worth of $5.6 billion. He is the president and chief executive officer of Solenis, a privately held company that specializes in water and paper chemicals. Based in Wilmington, Delaware, he previously served as senior vice president and group operating officer at Ashland Global Holdings Inc. In 2010, Panichella earned $1,621,284 in total compensation – $895,431 cash, $518,561 stock and $207,292 pensions.

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