John Paper

A Look at John Paper

John Paper lives by the sea and crafts stunning paper flowers, birds and boats. But when Satan arrives in town, John’s patience and skill are put to the test.

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Early Life and Education

John Paper received his early education from a series of schools. He attended a dame school, which taught children basic reading and writing skills; followed by Latin school, which served as a preparatory school for those intending to attend college. John excelled in his studies and was accepted into Harvard College at fifteen years old in 1755.

After his college education, he went on to work as a student chaplain at a children’s hospital for several years. It was during this period that he developed an interest in literature and ultimately earned double graduation degrees in English and Religious Studies from Kenyon College. Since then, he has published many books as well as writing numerous book reviews for popular journals like The New York Times or Booklist.

Achievements and Honors

John Paper’s career accomplishments include developing the science of fault-related folding, which has made significant contributions to structural geology. Additionally, his leadership within the field, service to academic institutions, and mentoring of students have all been recognized. Furthermore, John has published an influential undergraduate textbook on this topic.

The Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) presents staff members with various honors based on criteria such as scholarly activities, contributions to the APL mission and overall excellence. Furthermore, there are student prizes and awards which recognize exceptional student achievement in physics; for instance, the physics department sponsors a senior thesis prize and Thomas Hunter Prize for excellence in this area.

Personal Life

John Paper is best known for his book, Looking for Alaska. However, John is more than just a bestselling writer; he also an accomplished artist and member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Art. His work has won several prestigious awards and can be found in museums around the globe; his most iconic creation – Lightning Bug – can be viewed at Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. John resides in Indianapolis with his family.

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