John Roeser

John Roeser

John Roeser is the fourth generation owner of Roeser’s Bakery in Humboldt Park and has been running the family-run business for 110 years.

John and his family have dedicated themselves to customer satisfaction throughout their tenure in the bakery. Their commitment to quality has enabled their business to remain a fixture of the neighborhood.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Roeser has had a remarkable professional career. Currently, he serves Charles Schwab as both Managing Director and Chief Counsel of their Trading, Markets, and Operations Legal Group.

His professional journey has given him the unique chance to collaborate with a wide range of individuals and organizations, as well as learn from renowned experts in the field.

He has made a difference in the world by helping others realize their aspirations. To do this, he has generously donated both his time and money to various organizations.

He has had the great opportunity to share his expertise with many people around the world through lectures on a variety of topics. Through technology, he helps people comprehend how it can make their lives simpler.

Achievements and Honors

John Roeser was the proud owner of Chicago’s oldest family-run bakery, which continues to flourish after all these years. His passion for baking and dedication to customer service have kept his customers coming back for over a century.

The award-winning Roeser Bakery runs like a well-oiled machine. A team of dedicated janitors, bakers and trolls keep the bakery at optimal temperatures all day long, delivering delicious treats to delighted clients. Furthermore, The Roeser boasts the city’s oldest and most loyal dog – who has been employed at the bakery since he was a pup!

Roeser’s is one of Chicago’s premier destinations for gourmet burgers. Nestled among all of North and Kedzie’s upscale dining establishments, Roeser’s is a must-stop for hungry locals looking to savor their favorite comfort foods.

Personal Life

John Roeser has dedicated his life to providing superior cakes and bakery items to his customers. He strives for perfection and takes great pride in being able to stay positive even during trying times.

Established in 1911, Roeser’s Bakery has a longstanding presence within the Humboldt Park community. During the 1920s, many German and Scandinavian immigrants settled nearby.

Years later, the neighborhood was dominated by Italians and Jews. For many years, residents relied on bakeries within walking distance for their daily bread, as well as socializing with neighbors.

Over the decades, three men have taken control of this bakery: his father in 1936, son in 1976 and last year he officially took over as owner. Through it all, customer service and community support has enabled the bakery to thrive.

Net Worth

John Roeser is a highly experienced commercial real estate leader with expertise in all aspects of leasing, acquisitions and dispositions. He co-founded Triton Realty Partners, an Illinois-based private investment firm with a national portfolio, and his services include due diligence, leasing, acquisition and disposition transactions as well as procuring debt or equity for asset purchases, recapitalizations and refinancing. Throughout his career he has completed over 5 million square feet of deals for clients such as AT&T, Cliffs Natural Resources, Comcast and Emblem Health.

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