John Rohrs

John Rohrs – Physician Assistant Psychiatrist

Are you searching for an experienced physician assistant with expertise in psychiatry who can treat various psychiatric disorders? John Rohrs is your go-to person. He will assess your symptoms, diagnose diseases and prescribe medication accordingly.

Rohr is a physician assistant based in Toledo, OH and his professional interests lie in psychiatry and psychology.

Early Life and Education

John Rohr was born on August 8, 1846 in Buffalo, New York. At nine years old, his family moved to Leavenworth, Kansas.

His father was a tailor who created harness and leather goods for trunks.

After some time, he took an interest in politics and was elected county register of deeds; serving in that office for four years.

He served as both city assessor and mayor.

He has previously worked on a tobacco farm and now works at Rohrs Farms in Lima, Ohio. He loves his job and the people he works with; he also enjoys being outdoors and going for long walks. Being an avid family man, he cherishes spending time with his children and grandchildren as well as attending church services.

Professional Career

John Rohr is widely recognized as one of the foremost scholars on our constitutional tradition in relation to civil servants and public administration. His book Civil servants and Their Constitutions (2002) addresses current topics such as financial disclosure and treating civil servants like second-class citizens.

Last month, the SPA’s Department of Public Administration and Policy held a symposium to celebrate the lasting influence of Professor Rohr’s scholarship. This gathering focused on three areas: comparative constitutional analysis; regime values; and public service ethics.

Rohr’s concept of regime values stands as a singular contribution to contemporary regime analysis. Unfortunately, few commentators have fully appreciated how this perspective was formed during his early work as a political scientist.

Achievements and Honors

Over his 35 years at Virginia Tech, Rohr earned a reputation for being an inspiring teacher and scholar of public administration. He published numerous books and scholarly articles and was honored with professor emeritus status by the university.

He is remembered for his generosity, as evidenced by his will which left millions in charitable donations to eight worthy causes such as a new ambulance and fire station. Other noteworthy accomplishments include founding member of the Center for Public Affairs and Policy which promotes public service by education, research and outreach in both theory and practice of public administration. Throughout it all, Rohr remained an invaluable pillar in his community; an enthusiastic supporter of students and faculty at the School of Public and International Affairs.

Personal Life

Rohr has been a Franciscan priest for 50 years, and is the author of numerous books on spirituality. Additionally, he founded the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

He believes in a Universal Christ. The Christ he speaks of is not some divine monarch who wears a golden crown and sits atop a throne, but rather an ever-present divine force which permeates everything around it.

Rohr gained his understanding of the Universal Christ from Franciscan teachings from the thirteenth century. Francis rebelled against a Catholic Church that was obsessed with its own pomp and hierarchy; he forsook worldly goods to live in solitude in a cave and found solace in nature – leading him to call this place his “temple”.

Net Worth

John Rohls is the founder and chairman of Ariel Investments LLC, having begun investing in 1983 and grown the firm’s assets to over $21 billion over two decades.

The firm manages mutual funds, defined contribution plans and separately managed accounts. He specializes in undervalued small and medium-sized companies.

His “slow and steady” patient investment strategy has paid off with several long-term wins since the market bottom in 2008. Additionally, his contrarian view has enabled his fund to remain among the top 20% among its peers.

At the tender age of 12, his father bought him stocks instead of toys. While studying economics at Princeton, he developed an interest in annual reports and stock analysis. Furthermore, while playing basketball under Hall of Fame coach Pete Carril at Princeton, his lessons on teamwork profoundly shaped his views on entrepreneurship and investing.

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