John Sixkiller

John Sixkiller

John Sixkiller was an illustrious American football player, best known for leading the University of Washington to a 6-4 record in 1970 by completing 186 passes for 2,303 yards and 15 touchdowns.

He was a hero and an instant media sensation. Additionally, he became the first UW quarterback ever to throw for more than 300 yards in back-to-back games.

Early Life and Education

John Sixkiller was born in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and raised in Ashland, Oregon. As a student athlete he earned letters for football, basketball and baseball.

His father worked in a lumber mill. As a senior in high school, he earned the respect of his peers by playing quarterback and was even recruited to play college ball.

After graduating from Ashland High School, he was signed by the University of Washington to play football for them. He made an immediate impact on the Huskies team as a defensive lineman.

He quickly gained notoriety as the greatest quarterback in school history, leading the Huskies to their first bowl game since World War II and receiving widespread media coverage.

Professional Career

Sixkiller quickly rose to become one of the University of Washington’s most beloved redskins, his fiery personality matched by an energetic quarterback who also displayed fearlessness. His spectacular performance against Michigan State on November 14, 1969 received widespread media coverage as he became one of the team’s most beloved figures.

After graduating Ashland High School in 1969, Owens was recruited by the Huskies. Although he stood at 5-10 and 155 pounds without much size, many teams turned him away but Owens saw potential in him.

In his first varsity game, he was outstanding. On his fourth play from scrimmage, he connected with Ira Hammon for a 59-yard touchdown pass.

Achievements and Honors

John Sixkiller was an outstanding Washington Huskie quarterback who threw for over 5,500 yards and 35 touchdowns during his college career. He holds school records in total passing yardage, completions, and touchdowns.

In September 1971, his astounding performance against Michigan State captured the attention of the media. Some writers dubbed him a bronze catapult while others speculated that he was descended from a Cherokee chief who had killed six bison.

He then went on to play professional football for several teams, earning himself induction into the College Football Hall of Fame and being named LSU’s Young Alumnus of the Year in 1992.

Personal Life

John Sixkiller is an American football player who played for the Washington Redskins. A member of the Cherokee Nation, his heritage informs his decision-making.

He was previously an officer in the Muskogee (Indian Territory) police department, serving as captain over forty men while patrolling a town notorious for its crime rates.

When a group of young Cherokee riders entered town, they opened fire on Sixkiller’s deputies who returned fire with gunfire. Jeter Thompson, one of the riders, accused Sixkiller of shooting him because he harbored an grudge against him.

Sixkiller has been a Washington DC lobbyist for corporate interests since 2007. He founded his own firm, Sixkiller Consulting, of which he remains partial owner today. His clients range from private prison companies and oil/gas firms to weapons makers and even the CIA front company Evergreen Air.

Net Worth

John Sixkiller was born into the Going Snake District of Cherokee Nation and has always lived up to his name by fighting in the 2nd Cherokee Mounted Rifles and serving with Longhorse Police during Indian territory during times of violence and change that spread across western frontier. Now a US marshal, John continues his battles against horse thieves, train robbers, and one ruthless enemy who will stop at nothing to take him down. His net worth is estimated at $3 million as of mid-2020.

According to lobbying registration documents filed in May, he is now joining Patriotic Millionaires in an effort to help the government take action against corporate misconduct.

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