John Skipworth

Revival and Restoration – A Testimony to the Power of God

Pastor John Skipworth and his wife Brooke followed God’s call when they returned to Louisiana in 2021 and established Oaks Church. With a passion for revival and restoration in Northeast Louisiana, they are dedicated to fulfilling God’s will for their lives.

Through their years of ministry, they’ve witnessed God’s healing power bring healing and change to an area that had been wounded for years. Now, they want to share this joy with those in their community whom they’ve always called home.

Early Life and Education

Skipworth began his education at Gonville Hall, Cambridge and eventually earned a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate.

He was ordained in the Assemblies of God and began serving as pastor at The Assembly. However, in July he left that position to plant a church in Monroe, Louisiana.

He and his wife Brooke founded Oaks Church in 2021 with a vision to bring revival and restoration to Northeast Louisiana. Their church is situated in an area that has been deeply hurt and oppressed for some time, so they hope to facilitate an incredible move of God that will forever transform this community.

Professional Career

John Skipworth’s professional experience includes working as a streetworker, counselor, clinical director and administrator in addiction treatment. He has provided training and consultation throughout 45 states as well as Asia and Europe.

He has served as a public policy/public safety consultant and legislative advisor to state and national campus law enforcement professional organizations. In 2017, Security Magazine named him one of its “Most Influential People in Security”, and Campus Safety Magazine named him their “Director of the Year” in 2016.

In 2021, after God dramatically transformed Skipworth’s life, he returned to Louisiana with his wife and founded Oaks Church in Monroe. Their mission is to facilitate a movement of unity and transformation in Northeast Louisiana through prayer and Bible study. Within its first eight months of existence, the congregation grew from 543 members with 16 individuals making salvation decisions.

Achievements and Honors

John Skipworth, executive pastor of The Assembly in West Monroe, Louisiana and his wife Brooke have a deep-felt desire to bring revival and restoration to Northeast Louisiana. After experiencing God’s transformation of his own life, John is eager to share that joy with those around him.

He is particularly proud of his work in the Louisville Visual Art (LVA) program, which he has been a part of for nine years. As a result, he has earned numerous awards and recognition, such as Gold Key Portfolio and Silver Key Portfolio in Scholastic Art Awards.

He has served as an Honors College Ambassador and received the Most Outstanding Senior Award from Honors Director James Bowers. According to him, this recognition is especially meaningful since it recognizes those who have excelled most in the Honors College.

Personal Life

John Skipworth’s life is a testament to God’s mighty presence. He has experienced God’s transformation in his own life and now shares that experience with those he serves in ministry.

He serves as Executive Pastor at The Assembly in West Monroe, Louisiana with his wife Brooke. Together they have two daughters.

Before becoming a pastor, Skipworth had fallen into drug and violence addiction. But after being arrested and sentenced to life in prison, he turned to God for guidance.

Net Worth

Skipworth is a successful and highly respected pastor with an estimated net worth of $4 million. He has served as minister for the Assemblies of God, leading his congregations to 1,300 members. In addition to his ministry work, he is also an author who has published multiple books. As father to three children – Finley, Fisher, and Foster – Skipworth enjoys fishing, golfing and reading in his free time; he’s running for Makerfield constituency in the Liberal Democratic Party and recently took part in WiganToday’s One Minute Manifesto video series.

John Skipworth is a former convicted felon who was baptized in the Holy Spirit after serving time in jail and received the call to preach. Upon release from prison, he became an ordained AG minister. Together with his wife Brooke, they are currently planting a church in Monroe, Louisiana 90 miles east of Shreveport.

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