John Slawson

John Slawson – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Rosenbauer America

John Slawson, a seasoned fire industry executive, has been appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Rosenbauer America. His extensive expertise and leadership abilities will be instrumental in the company’s growth and success.

Slawson has an extensive background in music, including choral studies and department coordination. Furthermore, he founded musical theater productions at Elgin Community College.

Early Life and Education

John Slawson was born in 1922 and an expert knife maker. He collected vintage pocketknives and cowboy spurs as well as having an affinity for music.

He served as professor of music at Elgin Community College and its musical theater director. Additionally, he founded ECC’s concert choir and vocal jazz ensemble.

He served as judge for Los Angeles County Superior Court and was appointed by California Governor Jerry Brown to fill the vacancy created by judge Louise Meisinger’s retirement.

Professional Career

John Slawson was a distinguished petroleum engineer with over four decades of experience in the energy sector. He began his career at Marathon Oil in 1969 and held various engineering posts, such as reservoir simulation.

After working briefly at Scientific Software Intercomp in Denver, John was promoted to Vice President of Consulting Division – a global operation that performed domestic and international reservoir studies.

John also ventured into oil and gas marketing by founding ICF Resources’ coal bed methane consulting business. For his efforts, John received several awards and recognitions; however, none quite compare to his leadership role as an advocate for the petroleum engineering program. Twice he wrote Board letters asking for resources for PE studies and rallied leaders from within the industry in support of those requests.

Achievements and Honors

John Slawson was an esteemed figure in the field of human rights. As executive vice president emeritus of the American Jewish Committee, which he co-founded in 1906 to combat bigotry and safeguard civil and religious liberties for Jews around the world, Slawson served as an influential voice for human rights protections.

He served as professor of community relations and social welfare at City College in New York, the University of Michigan and the New School for Social Research. Additionally, he was a member of the National Association of Social Workers, American Psychological Association and Society for Psychological Study of Social Issues.

Rosenbauer America is pleased to announce the appointment of Rob Kreikemeier as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). With extensive manufacturing and operations expertise, he will be an ideal fit for the company’s future growth initiatives.

Personal Life

John Slawson was an impressive individual with a sharp mind and unquenchable competitive drive. He excelled at golf and horseback riding, and held membership to Ringling Country Club throughout his youth; which he still belongs to today.

On June 7, 2022, his beloved wife Sharon Austin Slawson passed away at an Edmond hospital after 50 years together. Survived by son Stephen (Brenda) Slawson; daughters Tammy Slawson and Connie Childress; brothers Donald Slawson and Terry Dale Slawson; sisters Evelyn Paul and Verna Dietrich; as well as numerous nieces and nephews, he will always be fondly remembered by those within the Ringling community for over 65 years for his loyalty towards his family.

Net Worth

John Slawson is an American businessman estimated to be worth $5 million. He serves as President of Spartan Emergency Response, which manufactures fire and law enforcement equipment.

He has been in the automotive industry for over 25 years and was previously President of Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles.

His career has seen him hold numerous executive and leadership positions within top-notch organizations. Additionally, he has managed teams across diverse industries such as aerospace and manufacturing.

He is an outstanding musician renowned for his abilities as a percussionist. A member of both the National Symphony Orchestra and Connecticut Youth Orchestra, he has performed in concerts across America and abroad. For his efforts, he has earned numerous awards.

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