John Sliney

John Sliney

John Sliney is an internationally acclaimed folk artist. His artwork ranges from prints, flags and ornaments to handcrafted candles that feature scents that express his artistic theme.

He holds a Class I Designer’s License with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, granting him permission to design repairs and improvements to existing onsite wastewater treatment systems with flows less than or equal to 900 gp/day.

Early Life and Education

John Sliney is a self-taught artist renowned for his New England folk art paintings. Additionally, he creates primitive designs that incorporate elements of American history.

Father Sliney is the spiritual leader of West Lebanon Catholic Church and serves more than 1,000 parishioners. He visits the local hospital several times a week, holds daily mass, and spends countless hours mentoring students at Dartmouth College.

He is a man of immense human compassion who has served our community for nearly 25 years. It is an honor to have him here, and we wish him many more years of dedicated service ahead.

Professional Career

John Sliney is an American actor, singer and producer best known for his roles in United 93.

He has extensive business experience, having served on the board of directors of numerous companies and as CEO of Remington Oil and Gas Corporation for many years.

Sliney recently joined Stertil-Koni, a leader in heavy duty vehicle lift manufacturing, as an assistant service manager. In this position he will provide technical support, equipment troubleshooting assistance, installation oversight and training for their exclusive North American distributor network and customers.

Achievements and Honors

Branford has a number of remarkable individuals that have left an indelible mark on its history. Tonight’s inductee was an inspiring civic leader and athlete renowned for his dedication to community service.

John Sliney was an important leader in his community, serving 18 years as First Selectman. He played a significant role in developing Indian Neck, Short Beach, Branford Hill, Pine Orchard and Mary Tisko Schools.

He was instrumental in the construction of Francis Walsh Intermediate School, Eades Street School and the Community House.

John had an affinity for horses from a young age, which led him to pursue training and coaching others in Branford. In 2003, John was inducted into the Branford Sports Hall of Fame.

Personal Life

John Sliney is an acclaimed American artist known for his New England-style folk art paintings. He uses oil paint as his primary medium and incorporates earthy colors to give his pieces a rustic charm.

He has published 13 how-to books on painting American folk art, which have been sold in 13 countries. Additionally, his artwork has been featured in multiple decorative art magazines.

Sliney, a self-taught artist, has an acute understanding of the United States’ past and how it is currently represented. He believes his artistic expression has been given to him with the goal of warming hearts and conveying meaningful messages to his viewers.

Net Worth

John Sliney is an acclaimed American painter known for his decorative painting works. His pieces have been featured in public galleries and sold to collectors, giving him a substantial net worth estimated to be over $19.3 million. In addition to his artistic endeavors, Sliney also trades stocks; owning 9,577 units of Stifel stock since 2005 with 52 trades made thus far; the most recent being on January 18th 2023 when he exercised those shares at $638,977 each.

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