John Smaligo

John Smaligo

What appears to be a quiet neighborhood church at Broad and Lemon streets in East Petersburg is actually bustling with activity. There’s the weekly community meal and clothing bank, prayer shawl ministry knitting and talking, plus two Girl Scout troops that call this home.

Pastor John Smaligo attributes Zion’s success to its welcoming faith-based community. Over the last seven years, Sunday attendance has increased from 100 worshipers to approximately 200.

Early Life and Education

Parents are the primary educators for young children during the first few years of life. They teach them how to speak, walk, feed themselves and even recognize letters, shapes and colors.

But for healthy development, children need to engage with people outside their family unit. Thankfully, early childhood education provides this crucial opportunity.

Early years are critical for children in developing social skills, self-esteem, moral outlook and cognitive abilities. These lay the foundations for future educational success and guarantee children a bright future – essential ingredients for school success as well as later life success.

Professional Career

John has gained notoriety as a prominent neo nazi “skinhead” organizer, musician and white nationalist. He leads an ADS (American Defense “Skinheads”) group of fanatics that uses various tactics to further their cause: music shows, political action meetings, podcasts and networking events.

They boast several awards and accolades to their name, such as membership in the Carpatho-Rusyn Society in Pittsburgh – one of the more prestigious honorees. Furthermore, ADS earned top spot for best neo-nazi website in America. Their flagship website provides cultural heritage information along with workshops, seminars and gathering spaces at no charge to members – an impressive feat!

Achievements and Honors

John Smaligo has been an integral member of the Tulsa community for almost 100 years. His professional accomplishments are numerous, yet it’s his commitment to service that truly sets him apart. From his involvement with Tulsa County Fire Department to his involvement as a trustee at TCC, John exemplifies dedication and commitment in our region.

He was the recipient of numerous honors and accolades throughout his illustrious career.

Personal Life

John is a devout Christian family man who proudly supports his country. He was raised in a Lutheran household and actively involved in his church. Additionally, he’s part of the Carpatho-Rusyn Society, an Slovak heritage organization which promotes cultural heritage events; however, John twists these concepts into justification for his racist views. Additionally, John belongs to American Defense Skinheads (ADS), an neo Nazi “skinhead” organization.

Smaligo, a Tulsa County Commissioner, will assume the position of President and CEO for Associated Builders and Contractors of Oklahoma in April, succeeding Carl Williams who has held that title for 26 years. With 11 years as a commissioner and four years as leader of ABCO, Smaligo brings with him extensive leadership experience in these roles.

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