John Sophocleus

John Sophocleus

John Peter Sophocleus is an American economist and libertarian political activist. He is known for advocating for liberty, a free market, and individual rights.

Early Life and Education

John Sophocleus is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to political activism. He is a member of the libertarian political party and has also taught economics at several universities. In addition, he is an adjunct faculty member at the Mises Institute.

Educated at the University of South Carolina, Auburn University, and Clemson University, he was also a Ford Motor Company employee for a few years. When he was done with academia, he went on to teach economics to prisoners in the Alabama Prison Arts and Education Project. Since then, he has earned three doctorates. Some of his best known works include his book “The Mises School of Economics” and his “Alabama Prison Arts and Education Project.”

He ran for Congress in Alabama’s 3rd congressional district in 2005, and defeated former Democratic governor Don Siegelman. A year later, he was the Libertarian Party candidate in the governor’s race. His campaign received over 23 thousand votes, a huge victory for the LP.

Professional Career

John Sophocleus has been an economics professor at a number of universities. He has also published articles in leading economics journals. In addition to teaching, he has been a columnist for the Alabama Gazette.

He is an adjunct faculty member of the Mises Institute. He teaches a number of economic subjects, including principles of microeconomics, United States tariff history, and economic history. Among his honors, he has been nominated twice for the Who’s Who among American Teachers list.

John Sophocleus’ career started at Ford Motor Company, where he worked for a decade. He then devoted most of his professional time to research. In 2002, he ran for governor of Alabama. His opponent was Democratic incumbent Don Siegelman. Although he received a surprisingly large number of votes, the election went to the Republicans.

Achievements and Honors

John Peter Sophocleus was a prominent economist and political activist in the United States. His work includes teaching at several universities and the Mises Institute. He has been nominated twice to the “Who’s Who Among American Teachers” list. In 2002, he entered the gubernatorial race in Alabama on a Libertarian Party of Alabama ticket. His campaign was narrowly lost to incumbent Don Siegelman. Now, he is running for Senate against Democratic candidate Will Boyd in the November election.

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Personal Life

John Peter Sophocleus is an American economist and Libertarian political activist. He is currently an adjunct faculty member at the Mises Institute. Previously he taught at Auburn University. As a libertarian, he was involved in the Alabama Libertarian Party. His interest in politics began in the early 1990s.

In the 2002 governor’s race, Sophocleus played a significant role. He ran as the Libertarian Party’s candidate for Governor on the party’s ticket. During the race, Sophocleus received 23,272 votes, a margin that was larger than the race’s leading candidates. The race was one of the closest in Alabama’s history.

A couple of years after the 2002 election, Sophocleus ran for U.S. Congress in Alabama’s third congressional district. When he was nominated by the Libertarian Party, he was a surprise choice. Although he has criticized Republicans in the past, he was skeptical about the Democrats.

Net Worth

One of the best things about John Peter Sophocleus is that you never know what to expect. Known to be an economist by trade, Sophocleus has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. This plethora of qualities has paid off in spades. For example, Sophocleus is currently an adjunct faculty member of the illustrious Mises Institute in Las Vegas. Aside from his day job, Sophocleus is also a well-rounded political junkie. He has been involved in several high-profile political campaigns over the years, including a close run for governor of Tennessee and a failed run for the U.S. House of Representatives in Alabama’s 3rd congressional district. As a result, he’s made a name for himself and amassed a personal fortune of his own. In addition to the usual suspects, he also counts among his colleagues a bevy of the best and the worst.

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