John Tagawa

John Tagawa, an Operations Research and Systems Analyst working for the United States Army Installation Management Command. He holds a master of science in data analytics.

Nagasaki-born artist Ryoko Miyake draws his artistic influence from her home city’s longstanding trade relationships with Western countries.

Early Life and Education

Early life environments have an immense effect on many markers of health and wellbeing throughout a lifetime, yet their variable application in the US raises questions as to their efficacy.

Daikichiro Tagawa was a liberal politician from Nagasaki who advocated world disarmament. Additionally, he worked to help expand international trade through government contracts.

Tagawa’s interest and subject matter reflected this, often including scenes of Western architecture as well as hybrid buildings constructed with elements from both eastern and western architectural traditions. He created several prints depicting churches and synagogues. Additionally, he published his collection of prints called Shinpan Nagasaki fukei (Newly Published Views of Nagasaki: Xin Ban Chang Qi Feng Jing), wherein Tagawa designed every aspect of publication (including designing its cover).

Professional Career

John Tagawa boasts an extensive business and leadership background. He has extensive experience in manufacturing operations, employee training and more – currently working for the United States Air Force as a Data Analyst.

Once he graduated from Cornell, Tagawa began exhibiting his water color and tempera works in New York City galleries and exhibitions, while simultaneously working through his company Graphic Associates as a graphic designer and mapmaker – producing maps that were published in books and pamphlets that focused on African American themes.

Tagawa was known to spend much of his free time painting mushrooms – his daughter estimated he completed over 700 studies – unlike many Nisei artists, however. He did not take part in wartime anti-Fascist activities or join the Japanese American Committee for Democracy.

Achievement and Honors

Award presented to junior who best embodies the character, leadership, enthusiasm and zest for life that so characterized our late Academy teacher’s spirit. Recognizes achievements both academic and co-curricular achievements of these young individuals.

Tagawa is well known for his artistic works and joined both Nihon Hanga Kyokai (Japanese Print Association: Ri Ben Yang Hua Xie Hui) and Shanghai Hanga Kyokai (Shanghai Print Association: Shang Hai Ban Hua Xie Hui) Print Associations in 1954, winning their respective artist’s prizes (Nagasaki Ken Korosho: Chang Qi Xin Wen).

Tagawa is best known for his role as Heihachi Mishima in Paul WS Anderson’s 2009 movie adaptation of Tekken. Tagawa boasts an outstanding production staff comprising both experienced employees as well as younger talent; this combination has led to some notable results.

Personal Life

John Tagawa currently holds the position of Operations Research and Systems Analyst with U.S. Army Installation Management Command in San Antonio, Texas, United States. His Master of Science in Data Analytics complements previous roles held with Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center as well as Special Operations Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve.

He has held positions in supply chain management, manufacturing and customer service. Most recently he served as director of quality for Kyocera Wireless Corporation where he oversaw quality process development and implementation for manufacturing and production processes.

He made his film debut in 1986’s Armed Response and broke through in 1987’s The Last Emperor, going on to star in several more films such as Twins, Licence to Kill, The Phantom and Mortal Kombat movies.

Net Worth

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, a Japanese-American actor, martial artist, and sports physiologist with an estimated net worth of $20 Million, best known for playing Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat franchise and appearing in movies such as The Last Emperor and Licence to Kill.

Recently, he was cast as Nobusuke Tagomi on Amazon’s series The Man in the High Castle; prior to that he was featured regularly on TV series Nash Bridges.

Personal: Tagawa is married to Sally Tagawa and they have two children together. He currently resides in Southern California. Since 2009, Tagawa has made multiple trades of American Shared Hospital Services stock. Most recently on June 14, 2018 when he sold 6,905 shares worth $142,761. Additionally, Tagawa owns multiple cars and houses.

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