John Turnbough

Leon “Old John” Turnbough

Old John” Turnbough emigrated from Alsace-Lorraine, now France and was known by his nickname: T-u-r-n-b-e-a-u (meaning “horseman”).

He married Margaret Talkington and had all but four of his sons leave South Carolina for Green County, Kentucky. The eldest son, William Eli Turnbough, immigrated to Australia.

Early Life and Education

John Turnbow was born in France and immigrated to South Carolina, serving in the SC militia during the American Revolution as a horseman.

He married Margaret B. Claiborne and they had several children together.

They remained in Chester County, South Carolina for around ten years before moving to Greenville County around 1786.

The 1806 Adair County tax list records show “Old John” living on 195 acres at Russell C and owning three horses. This indicates he sold 5 acres and two horses prior to 1807.

Old John and his family moved away from Adair County in 1810 and settled in Maury County, Tennessee. There he resided until his death in 1826 at age 45.

Achievements and Honors

Leon was a busy man, yet his professional and personal commitments never interfered with his passion for science and history. A dedicated family man, Leon made sure his three children received plenty of love and attention in return.

He was an accomplished graduate of Grandview High School, having earned the distinction of being named to their lacrosse team of the year. A particularly noteworthy honor was being selected to compete in the prestigious Maryland State Scholastic Association tournament as a member of their varsity lacrosse squad. Furthermore, they played in what is typically reserved for only the best among us at state championship games – an accomplishment rarely achieved by others in Maryland.

Personal Life

John Turnbough, born between 1725 and 40 in Alsace (Alsace-Lorraine or Alsace-Lorraine) region of Germany or France, immigrated to America and eventually settled in Greenville County, South Carolina.

He married Margaret B. Turnbough in Greenville County, South Carolina between 1750 and 1770 and they had ten children: William Eli, George, Isaac, Joseph, Jacob, Samuel, Hugh, Andrew and James.

John and his family relocated from Greenville County, South Carolina to lands south of the Green River in Kentucky in 1794. His sons also followed suit and joined them there. This migration route was mapped on an 1816 Trails Map for southern states region.

Net Worth

John Turnbough is an acclaimed American lawyer and politician with a net worth estimated to be $50 million. A member of the United States Bar Association, he served as Attorney General twice and remains popular as a public speaker.

He is married to Mary Daly and they have three daughters together – Mary Barr Daly born in 1973 being their eldest. According to Celebrity Net Worth, William and Mary Daly’s estimated net worth is $50 million dollars; they continue conducting international business for their daughters’ benefit. Currently residing in Fillmore, Missouri 64449), William and Mary Daly are proud parents of two sons. William and Mary Daly have been married since 1973.

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