John Tylawsky

John Tylawsky

John Tylawsky was a Maritime expert, the co-founder of Altair Transportation and an advisor to PortSide on the last mile maritime highway. Tragically, John passed away unexpectedly on January 12th 2022 – what an incredible man!

He was an admirer of George Washington who encouraged you to come with him from Washington DC and experience its unifying principles whenever and wherever possible.

Early Life and Education

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Achievements and Honors

John Tylawsky was an aspiring statesman and George Washington enthusiast who spent his youth learning about U.S. history and politics from books as well as from others. He was an active supporter of the American flag, member of several organizations such as the George Washington Memorial Foundation and National Museum of the American Revolution, plus volunteering for organizations like Rhode Island Animal Shelter or German Shepherd Rescue New England. Survived by his life partner Liz, daughters Elizabeth Ciccone (Pino) and Katherine Goodrow; sister Stacey Burns; plus granddaughter Abigail and Evelyn Goodrow plus grandson Jordan Lustig

Net Worth

Net worth is the sum of an individual’s assets minus their debts, and can either be positive or negative.

John Tylawsky has an estimated net worth of $10 million. Part of this fortune stems from his financial analysis career, though exactly where it comes from remains uncertain.

He makes money through stock trading, having made 6 trades of Roper Technologies Inc stock since 2012. As of May 26 2020, he owns 4,540 units of ROP stock worth $747,411 dollars.

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