John Yonich

John Yonich

John Yoniche is an entrepreneur from Aberdeen, Washington who has built and invested in multiple businesses throughout Grays Harbor County.

He is best known for rehabilitating the D&R Theatre, which he opened in 2008. The renovated venue hosted concerts and events that brought people to the area. This successful venture helped attract people to the area.

Early Life and Education

John Yonich was born and raised in Aberdeen, Washington and attended Weatherwax High School before earning a business degree from the University of Washington.

John completed his education and then established a wood molding business in Bellevue, Washington with his wife and three children. John remained there for over 35 years before retiring to enjoy retirement with his family.

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Personal Life

John Yonich was a successful businessman renowned for his efforts to revitalize Grays Harbor. He restored the D&R Theatre and put on concerts that attracted people to the city, while also encouraging entrepreneurs to start new businesses that would benefit his community. A born leader, John always maintained optimism even during trying times. A compassionate soul, John leaves behind his wife Chris Yonich and three children as well as brother Edward Yonich and sister Dolores Mitro; survivors include Chris Yonich’s family: wife Chris Yonich and their three children; brother Edward Yonich and sister Dolores Mitro.

On October 31, 2021, John Yonich passed away at the age of 67. His funeral service will be held at St. Clare Cemetery in Clairton, Pennsylvania.

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