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Jordan Clarkson’s Girlfriend Jasmine Rae

The rumored girlfriend of Jordan Clarkson is none other than the beautiful model Jasmine Rae. The two were spotted leaving the Thom Browne Spring 2022 Collection event in New York City. They looked very flawless to each other.

Jordan Clarkson is the first Asian American to start in the backcourt of a professional basketball team. He also is the first Filipino-American to start in the NBA. His net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. Aside from being a sportsman, he is also a fashion icon and model.

Born in Tampa, Florida, the Philippine-American basketball player began his career playing with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Later, he transferred to the Missouri Tigers, where he earned second-team all-conference honors. This led to his trade to the Los Angeles Lakers. However, he was traded to the Utah Jazz in the summer of 2016.

Jordan Clarkson is not married and his relationship status is not known as of now. However, he has dated many women over the years, such as Kendall Jenner, Ally Rossel, Ashlee Robertson, Karizma Ramirez, Hailey Beiber, and Bella Hadid.

Before his relationship with Kendall Jenner, Jordan was linked to Ally Rossel and Karizma Ramirez. He also had a short-term relationship with the famous model and singer, Hailey Beiber. Their relationship lasted only one year. But they were seen clasping their hands together on a number of occasions. During their fling, they appeared to be very romantic.

When Jordan and Kendall were dating, their relationship was highly publicized. Their dating was reported to have started in the fall of 2016, but they separated before Callie Rose Roberson Clarkson was born in April 2018.

Despite their breakup, they continued to be spotted together. In addition, they were spotted at a live concert together in July. Additionally, they both attended the Drake American Music Awards after-party. Moreover, Jordan retweeted Selena Gomez wearing a Spurs vest. While he was spotted with other women, he did not post any photo of his relationships on Instagram.

Although Jordan Clarkson is not married, there are still rumors of his romantic relationships with other people. Some of the rumored partners of this talented athlete include the models Jasmine Rae, Ally Rossel, and Kendal Jenner. There are also rumors of his upcoming relationship with the actress Rare.

If you’re a fan of basketball, you’ll definitely want to know more about the star player’s love life. Whether or not he has a girlfriend is unknown, but his dating history has been very interesting to watch. And, he’s never had any trouble attracting the attention of his fans.

Fans have also wondered whether or not he is married and whether or not he has a daughter. Regardless of what he may have, he has managed to be successful in the professional basketball world. Not only that, he has also garnered endorsement deals. For example, he is the face of a commercial that promotes a brand called Smart Bro. As a result of this, he has an estimated base salary of $13,340,000.

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