Jordan Kilganon Net Worth

Jordan Kilganon is an iconic Canadian basketball player known for his powerful dunk skills and dunking team membership, Dunk Elite. Additionally, Jordan developed the Bounce Kit program which assists athletes with increasing their vertical jump.

Mark Price is best known for his breathtaking dunks and can jump up to 49.5 inches. Born April 28, 1992, in Greater Sudbury, Canada.

Early Life and Education

Jordan Kilganon was born in 1992 and currently works as a professional basketball player, amassing an estimated net worth of $2 Million through various dunk competitions and events he participates in as well as founding and earning from Bounce Kit program he established.

Rick Kilganon introduced his son, David Kilganon, to basketball from an early age. He set up low rims at home and taught David how to shoot and dunk; eventually joining a basketball team as a 16 year-old player and performing his first ever dunk!

He was raised by his mother, Jeanne Sauve, and father, Daniel Sauve in Sudbury. Chase is his brother; Dania Bernard is his fiancee.

Professional Career

People often think the idea of making their living through dunking seems impossible, yet Kilganon makes his living this way.

At 16 years old, he started posting his dunk videos online and quickly established himself within the online dunk community. Through constant practice and improvement, his hard work paid off.

Kilganon is well-known for his unique style of dunking. In addition to offering tutorials and training programs on his website and social media accounts, he regularly performs at exhibitions and events worldwide.

He hails from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and belongs to the Canadian Zodiac sign of Taurus (The Bull). He boasts blue hair and brown eyes; standing 6 feet 1 inch.

Achievement and Honors

Jordan Kilganon is a legendary Canadian slam dunker. Born in 1992 and known for his extraordinary dunks – some even created by himself! – he has earned worldwide renown.

Professional dunker who makes his living by competing in dunk contests with Dunk Elite team. Additionally, he founded Bounce Kit.

He is unmarried, though in a long-term relationship with Dania Bernard. Known for being very private, he excels at dunking with a vertical leap of 49.5 inches, performing in exhibitions and events as well as tutorials/training programs; also boasting numerous followers on social media.

Personal Life

Jordan Kilganon is a Canadian slam dunker best known for his exceptional and unique dunks. Additionally, he founded Bounce Kit which provides dunk training. Jordan’s parents encouraged his pursuit of basketball as early as age four; at 16 years old he made his first dunk – eventually earning the names The Guy in Jeans, J-kills and Mission Impossible among many others.

He began posting his dunk videos online and quickly gained fame, eventually winning several contests and competitions – such as the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest.

He is unmarried and currently in a long-term relationship with Dania Bernard, studying at Humber College. His height stands 6ft1in while his weight stands 82 kg; both his hair color and eye color are blue/brown respectively.

Net Worth

Kilganon has amassed a sizeable following on social media platforms and generates income by participating in dunk competitions and earning revenue as a result. Furthermore, he created the Bounce Kit program which offers training for dunking skills.

He is renowned for creating incredible, spectacular dunks – some even invented by him! – on the basketball court.

He hails from Greater Sudbury, Canada with parents Rick and Jeanne Sauve. He currently dates Dania Bernard; their relationship is not married but committed. An avid sports fan with numerous nicknames including Mission Impossible and The Dude Who Dunked In Jeans; 6ft 1 in. tall with jump height of up to 49inches!

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