Josh Duggar Loyalty Song

Josh Duggar Sings a Loyalty Song to His Wife

Josh and Anna Duggar got married on September 26, 2008. The wedding ceremony was televised on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, and the couple posted their video on YouTube. During the wedding, Josh sang a song about loyalty to his wife. Despite their scandals, the couple seems to have managed to keep their relationship strong.

The couple was married in Florida and announced their pregnancy in November. Their seventh child is expected to be born in April 2021. Before their wedding, they were reportedly involved in a six-month rehab program. During this time, they will stay at a pastor’s house and will not be able to see their children. They will also be tracked using GPS when they leave the house.

Before the wedding, the couple exchanged gifts. One of the gifts was a ring. This is a common tradition in the Duggar family. Afterward, the couple writes a note to each other. It is then delivered to the church.

Josh and Anna were engaged in 2008. The couple met at a homeschooling convention. After meeting, the two decided to start courting. A few weeks later, they were both in Arkansas for a child pornography trial. During the proceedings, Anna held her husband’s hand. But when they left the courthouse, she placed a supportive hand on his back.

The family has stayed by Anna’s side through their many ups and downs. During her time on the reality show, Anna was publicly embarrassed by her family. As a result, she has vowed never to divorce her husband. And they have stayed together through the birth of six children. However, their relationship is still controversial.

In the meantime, Josh has been caught committing two scandals. First, he was accused of molesting five underage girls. Later, he was charged with possessing child pornography. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Secondly, he was named as having an account on the dating website, Ashley Madison. Although he claimed to not have been in contact with his accounts, it was known that they were active.

Now, the couple’s marriage has been in the spotlight once again. Recently, the couple made an appearance on the popular tv show, 19 Kids and Counting. When asked about the cheating allegations, Josh told fans to “get the word out.” Apparently, his hypocrisy has reached epic levels.

If he is allowed to visit his children, he will not be allowed to do so in public. He will also not be able to use his cell phone while the trial is going on. At first, this seems like a joke.

However, the joke became cringe-worthy when the molestations scandal hit mainstream media. As a result, Josh’s singing of the loyalty song at the wedding was not well received. While the song itself is nice, the singing of the song at the wedding was inappropriate for this couple.

Josh and Anna have a very complicated relationship. Some fans feel that they are not the best for each other. Others think that they are just not perfect.

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