Kason Adams

Kason Adams – A Meteorologist With a Net Worth of $5 Million

Kason Adams was a fire service employee who took great pleasure in both his work and those around him. He believed training to be an ever-flowing source, seeking ways to better himself and the department as a whole.

He served as Air/Waste Work Leader of TCEQ Lubbock Region 2 office and conducted investigations pertaining to air, water and waste issues.

Early Life and Education

Kason Adams was an energetic and creative young man with a great appreciation for family and friends. He loved traveling and was an enthusiastic cliff jumper, graduating Great Oak High School in 2020 where he was also a star athlete on their football team.

He competed in several endurance events such as the LA Marathon, Malibu Triathlon and Spartan Race; earned his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; enjoyed mountain/road biking, beach volleyball, surfing and traveling as hobbies.

Adams was a member of both the Salish and Kootenai tribes and owned Ace Housing and Development. An expert in affordable housing, water/wastewater systems, as well as executive director for SKHA, his business provided consulting services to tribal housing authorities across North America. He leaves behind his wife Caroline; children Miles, Gregory and Sloane as well as parents Robert and Jane Adams of Whispering Pines NC as well as many relatives.

Professional Career

Kason Ryan Adams was an ambitious young man with lofty goals and aspirations. Recently graduated from lineman school, he eagerly anticipated embarking on his professional journey at San Diego Gas and Electric, forming an invaluable brotherhood amongst fellow crew members.

He was an accomplished athlete and daredevil. After jumping from a large rock formation near Lake Havasu City’s Copper Canyon area and never resurfacing alive, his death brought outpourings of sympathy both locally in Temecula and nationwide.

Professionally, he was dedicated to his career and worked diligently on roadway design projects using Synchro modeling, VISSIM simulation and report writing. Additionally, he coached Northeastern University Womxn’s Ultimate Frisbee Club team. In both work and personal settings he applied this meticulous attention to detail with equal passion.

Achievement and Honors

Though still young, he has accomplished much. Not only did he collaborate on the comic strip based on Ben Casey for television series Ben Casey but he also collaborated with writer Dennis O’Neil on several influential runs for Batman and Green Lantern/Green Arrow in early 1970s; furthermore he illustrated various science fiction comics including Deathman’s first appearance in Strange Adventures comic book series.

Jason Adams currently freelances as an entertainment critic for Mashable and other sites, such as Rotten Tomatoes. Additionally, he writes for Pajiba, The Film Experience AwardsWatch as well as My New Plaid Pants where his own personal writing can be found. A fan of slasher movies and Fassbinder as well as travel, Jason currently resides in New York City with two children and four grandchildren.

Personal Life

Adams prefers to keep his personal life private and spend quality time with his loved ones: wife, children and a dog whom he deeply adores.

He enjoys many sports and football is his absolute passion – having played for Temecula Valley Pop Warner himself as an outstanding player!

Beech Island resident 10-year-old boy died when fire engulfed their room during an evening sleepover with friends on Beech Island. Unfortunately, its source has yet to be ascertained and while brave attempts were made to save himself and others in the room from burning, none were successful despite everyone’s best efforts. He will be deeply missed.

Net Worth

As a meteorologist, Kason Adams earns a substantial income. He estimates his net worth between $1 Million – $5 Million. Furthermore, Luma Wealth Management employs him to manage investment portfolios for high net-worth individuals, trusts and foundations.

An experienced AMS certified broadcast meteorologist, he joined WFTS in August 2017. Prior to that, he worked at WCPO-TV in Cincinnati as the weekend morning meteorologist.

Meteorologist Kevin Caron is known for being a relatively shy individual who prefers keeping his personal life out of the public eye. A dedicated family man, he enjoys spending time with loved ones. His parents and siblings support his career choices; currently single with no children yet to come along; average height; does not disclose his exact age.

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