Katherine Lucas

Katherine Lucas is a Partner at State Street Corporation

Katherine Lucas specializes in copyright, art law and commercial litigation. She has extensive experience representing art dealers and galleries as well as collectors, investors, museums, artists and foundations.

At UCCA she ran a textile class that visited schools in Kent towns to teach sixth forms (16-18 year olds) stand draping techniques using paper. Since then she has privately tutored students from home.

Early Life and Education

Katherine provides exceptional research, writing and social media support to LPA clients across a broad spectrum of issue areas such as biotechnology, education, public health and social equity. Additionally, Katherine worked as a communications and marketing intern at a local yoga studio.

Eliza Lucas Pinckney was born in 1722 on her father’s Cabbage Palm Plantation in Antigua, British West Indies. Following the death of her mother when she was young, Eliza Lucas Pinckney was raised by Agnes Tilney – Dowager Duchess of Norfolk at Chesworth House in Sussex and Norfolk House in Lambeth; where her early practical education consisted of both etiquette and domestic skills training.

After his success with THX 1138, Lucas dug deeper into history for Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). To realize his vision and maintain control of its end product more precisely, Lucas established Industrial Light & Magic (ILM).

Professional Career

Katherine Lucas currently works at State Street Corporation as the client experience leader, overseeing specific research programs, dialogues and engagements designed to drive actions which meet clients’ operational and product needs while improving the overall customer journey.

Prior to joining our firm, she served at Simon Kucher & Partners, a strategic pricing consultancy where she led their Telecommunications practice as well as being the head of fiber optic consumer marketing and strategy at CenturyLink.

Grossman Lucas has extensive experience advising art dealers, galleries, investors, collectors, artists and museums on intellectual property and commercial matters related to art loans as well as intellectual property due diligence processes. She provides valuable advice regarding mitigating risk associated with art-backed loans while conducting intellectual property due diligence processes.

Achievement and Honors

Katherine oversees day-to-day company operations while aligning them with long-term strategic goals, while leading the development of an enduring corporate culture. Furthermore, Katherine has an avid passion for philanthropy; supporting local and national non-profits such as National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation, Ascension St Vincent de Paul Society Wheeler Mission Grit & Grace National Foundation EDGE Mentoring through their fundraising initiatives.

She is an eight-time Academy Award nominee and oversees Lucasfilm Ltd’s three divisions: Industrial Light & Magic, Skywalker Sound and LucasArts. Additionally, she has produced or executive produced over 70 films including Star Wars, Jurassic Park, ET the Extraterrestrial trilogy from Back to the Future trilogy as well as Schindler’s List.

At just 40, she has earned numerous accolades and awards, such as Indy Business Journal’s 2022 Forty Under 40 list. Her paintings capture introspection, strength and grace while communicating a spiritual understanding of life and existence.

Personal Life

She obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychology and criminal justice, graduating with honors from Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and also attending Campbell University’s Adrian Wiggins School of Law as part of their combined curriculum.

She met Lucas at a bonfire where they both spent late nights talking and listening to music. Although initially she wasn’t too keen on him, over time they began getting to know each other better.

Quinton Lucas became Mayor of Kansas City and Quinton Lucas and Sarah were engaged for some time before marrying on April 9, 2021 and having their son Bennett. Both partners now work in family mediation helping families reduce conflict while strengthening co-parenting relationships for their children’s benefit.

Net Worth

Kate Lucas is an esteemed author who has published multiple books. In addition, she is known for being an outspoken political activist who campaigns on issues related to green economics, localization, alternatives to globalisation, trade justice and animal welfare.

She is married with two children. As an extrovert and possessor of strong communication skills, her writing has garnered the praise and approval of many individuals as well as several awards for its quality.

Katherine Lucas Minyard owns one company. In the last year, she made two buys and no sales of Ovintiv Inc (OVV) shares at an average cost per share of $130,866, which indicates a good bargain on these stocks; her total purchases amount to $548,240.

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