Katie Davis Majors Net Worth

Katie Davis Majors is an American missionary and mother to 13 adopted children through Amazima Ministries, providing education, healthcare and spiritual guidance services for people in Uganda.

What would prompt an 18-year old high school senior from Nashville to eschew her comfortable lifestyle, disobey her parents, break up with their adorable boyfriend, and move to Uganda?

Early Life and Education

Katie Davis is an internationally acclaimed missionary who first gained attention for her social work and dedication as well as authoring multiple books that made her famous. A strong believer of God herself, Katie strives to help those with hope through hopeful action.

Her parents initially expressed some reservations regarding her plans to take a gap year and travel to Uganda for missionary work, yet after just one trip there she fell completely in love with this beautiful country and decided to remain there and eventually found Amazima Ministries where she has adopted thirteen children from Uganda and published books such as Kisses from Katie.

Professional Career

Katie Davis Majors is the New York Times-bestselling author of Kisses From Katie and Daring to Hope, as well as founder of Amazima Ministries – an organization which cares for Ugandan families through authentic relationships, education, community strengthening, vocational training and spiritual discipleship.

Majors first visited Uganda during her winter break of senior year of high school and fell deeply in love with its people and culture. Although she promised her parents she would return home, after one semester in college she felt God calling her back to Uganda.

Benji and Laura currently reside in Uganda with their fourteen beloved children. When not traveling around with her family, Laura can be found folding laundry, chopping tons of carrots for soup or whispering prayers to Jesus as part of daily routine.

Achievement and Honors

Katie Davis Majors has become a hero and inspiration to many due to her selfless spirit and drive for change. Katie credits Ugandan people as being at the core of everything she has achieved thus far in life.

After visiting Uganda for the first time, she fell deeply in love with its people and their country. Out of a desire to help improve their lives she founded Amazima Ministries as well as writing two books – Kisses from Katie and Daring to Hope – before leaving Uganda forever.

Katie currently resides in Uganda and strives to empower its residents through providing education, medical care and spiritual discipleship. Additionally, Katie is an accomplished professional jockey; this summer alone she won three races at Saratoga Race Course!

Personal Life

Katie Davis Majors is a married woman and religious practitioner, known for helping the poor and less fortunate people. Born November 1st 1989 in Nashville, United States.

At first sight, she fell deeply in love with Uganda in 2006. Following college graduation she decided to relocate there permanently and founded Amazima Ministries International as a non-profit to cover schooling costs for Ugandan children.

Mother of 14 children and author of Kisses from Katie, Katie lives with her husband in Jinja and strives to help those affected by poverty or hardships in a meaningful life. She serves as an example and role model, inspiring people with her words.

Net Worth

Katie Davis is well known in social work, literature and philanthropy circles for her kind emotions and ambition in missionary work. Throughout her lifetime she performed multiple social tasks while remaining actively engaged with society.

Katie has earned two Emmy awards and discovered previously-unseen letters in Rhode Island State Police files documenting Catholic priests who engaged in sexual abuse as well as public schools that went years without fire inspections. Additionally, Katie chronicled her experiences through a decade-long blog (“Kisses from Katie”) and two memoirs written about them.

She currently resides in Jinja, Uganda with her husband and 13 adopted children, where her impactful work has earned recognition and support from around the globe, contributing to an impressive net worth and creating a significant presence within the industry. With all these accomplishments to her credit, she is considered an icon within it all.

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