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Seven Year Switch – Is It For You?

A lot of TV programs get the lion’s share of the publicity, but Seven Year Switch is a rarity among the plethora of soap operas that air on the network. The show, which premiered last year, features four pairs of married people who are trying to salvage their relationships, in the name of love. In a nutshell, each pair will spend 14 days in the company of a wacky spouse in an effort to see how their personalities and traits can complement each other. During their time together, each couple will share their most embarrassing moments, their most exciting moments, and most important achievements, including the best and worst moments of their lives. While some couples fold under the pressure, others find that they can be stronger than ever before.

The show has garnered a fair amount of attention, and the audience is a good mix of television buffs and non-buffs alike. Despite their differences, the couples remain on friendly terms. One of the pairs, the aforementioned Cassie and Tim, announced they would be parting ways in February. As a result, the couple has been enjoying a bit of a break since then. On the flipside, the other couple, the aforementioned Danielle and Eric Wolf, have been getting closer than ever. Both couples are posting plenty of pictures on their social media pages, which is a good sign for both sides.

The show features four couples who have all sorts of issues to deal with, from the mundane to the exotic. For starters, there’s the emasculating male in the house. After two weeks of experimentation with each other, each pair of spouses will decide whether they can make it work or they’re going to have to part ways. But first, they’ll have to find out the true cost of marriage. To help them along, they’ll be taking part in a series of trials designed to reveal the most important lessons about human connection. Each trial will involve a series of awe-inspiring activities, ranging from a “naked” kiss to a series of “serial” kisses, the latter of which is probably the sexiest of all.

What exactly will each pair of spouses learn from their respective experiments? Will they discover that a different personality trait is the key to a successful marriage? Or, will they be able to overcome their egos and egotism and rekindle the fire between the two of them? If so, will they get to have a second act? And what about their kids? Apparently, the kids are the pawns of their parents’ narcissism. Fortunately for them, a good switch-therapy program will be able to turn them around and keep them from the yuck factor that plagues many marriages.

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