Kid Buu Net Worth

Hip Hop Rapper Kid Buu Net Worth

Getting a job in the music industry is a great way to build your net worth. However, there are some issues you should be aware of.


Probably the most powerful of the villains in Dragon Ball Z, Kid Buu is a bit of a mystery. His unpredictability makes him a fun character to watch, but his lack of remorse for his actions makes him a scary one to be around. He is also quite volatile, and has shown an uncanny ability to outwit opponents.

The good news is, there are more than one Kid Buu. His ancestor, Majin Bu, has a very dormant power that can be accessed by his descendant. The DRK variant of Kid Buu has become obsessed with defeating Shallot, and is a bit of a mouthpiece for him. He also mispronounces Shallot’s name as Sharrot.

The bad news is that Kid Buu has a reputation for being a bit of a cheater. He has shown the capability to steal information from his opponents, and has also been guilty of numerous lesser crimes. He is also said to have an uncanny knack for reciting nonsense.

Music career

Currently, the Canadian rapper and singer has a net worth of $100 thousand. He earns his money through advertisements and online music streaming sites. He has also released mixtapes and albums under his name. He has earned popularity through social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. He has collaborated with popular rappers like Lil Gnar and Icy Narco. His songs have been appreciated by Hip Hop Pioneers from all over the world.

Markquez Lao Santiago, also known as Kid Buu, is a Canadian rapper. He was born on 11 April 1988. He grew up in Toronto, Ontario Canada, with a single mother. He developed an interest in rapping at an early age. He is also a singer and a vlogger. He has a daughter. He has many tattoos.

Kid has an Instagram page with more than 510,000 followers. His music videos have been viewed millions of times. He has also uploaded several songs to his SoundCloud account. He earned over $100,000 in a year through his SoundCloud account. He also has several verified accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Personal life

Despite the fact that he’s a rapper and singer, Kid Buu has a personal life that has garnered controversy and has caused him to run into legal problems. His relationship with Blac Chyna has also been subject to controversy. The two were engaged in a physical fight in Hawaii. The Honolulu police department has confirmed that the incident is being investigated.

Buu has a mixed ethnicity. His mother is from North America, while his father is from Canada. He also has a fraternal twin. He wears baggy white pants, a black belt, and grayish brown shoes.

Kid Buu has an Instagram account under the username @kidbuu. He was a social media sensation last year. He has gained a large following, which has helped him earn an estimated $300,000 net worth. He has released numerous songs, including Ski Mask The Slump God, Double Up, Frozen Soul, On Me, and Poppa. His songs have received millions of views and downloads.

Kid Buu is a rapper and singer who is based in south Miami, Florida. His personal life has been rife with controversy, and he has been accused of child and domestic abuse.

Legal issues

Despite being a rising star in the music industry, Kid Buu has encountered legal issues. The rapper, whose real name is Markquez Lao Santiago, has been accused of child abuse. He also has been accused of intimidation with a firearm, a charge he denied. He is estimated to have a net worth of at least $300,000. He has also been linked to rap star Blac Chyna.

Kid Santiago started out as a social media personality on Instagram. His songs are filled with profanity and bad life experiences. His first major hit was Dead Roses, and his other songs include Run it Up, Blind for Love, and Death to SoundCloud. He has racked up over 700K YouTube plays and is considered a rising star in the music industry.

Kid Buu’s first tattoo was on his forehead, and he has a nose job. He also has a word “Homesick” written across his left eye. The rapper was raised by a single mother in Los Angeles. He has also joined the Raelian movement, which believes that life on Earth originated from extraterrestrial life forms.

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