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Famous Surfer – Koa Rothman Net Worth

Koa Rothman was born 16 December 1993 and is one of the wealthiest surfers. He ranks high on Forbes list of Richest Surfers.

He achieved success through hard work. A talented surfer with many fans, he currently prefers keeping his personal life private and is currently single.

Early Life and Education

Koa Rothman was born in North Shore, HI on 16 December 1993 and has become well known as an accomplished professional surfer. His YouTube series ‘This Is Livin’ documents behind-the-scenes of surf trips; furthermore he is well renowned for his philanthropy efforts within his community and for giving back.

He was raised by parents who supported and encouraged his dreams. Through hard work and passion for surfing, he has accomplished much success in this sport and inspired many to follow their goals and dream big.

His Life Path Number of 5 signifies that he is a traveller seeking higher truth in life. Spiritual in nature and committed to helping others, he’s known for generously sharing his knowledge and experience.

Professional Career

Koa Rothman is an award-winning professional surfer who has amassed considerable renown for his incredible surfing talents and captivating social media posts such as surf videos and personal vlogs.

Koa is an expert in big wave surfing and has won multiple awards and recognition for his accomplishments. His fearless approach has earned him respect among his peers and gained him their admiration.

Young surfer Koa has an immense love of the sea and spends much of his free time there, serving as an outstanding example for younger surfers and encouraging them to pursue their dreams. Additionally, he is widely recognized for his philanthropic endeavors and participation in environmental conservation programs.

Achievement and Honors

Koa Rothman is an accomplished surfer renowned for his fearless approach to surfing massive waves. He has won several accolades and been featured in several surf films; additionally he actively takes part in beach clean-up efforts and supports initiatives aimed at protecting our ocean.

Koa Rothman was raised on Hawaii’s North Shore as the middle child of promoter Eddie Rothman and younger brother to 2015 Big Wave World Champion Makua Rothman, both who are Big Wave World Championship champions. From an early age he showed an affinity for water activities and made his professional surfing debut during his late teenage years.

Koa Rothman stands 180.5 cm and weighs 77 kg, as per celebscouples.com. His personal life remains private as he does not reveal much information regarding his relationships; currently, there are no reports of potential partners for him.

Personal Life

Koa Rothman is an American professional surfer and YouTube star best known for his vlog series ‘This Is Livin’ that chronicles his travels as an amateur surfer. Born into a surfing family on Oahu’s North Shore in Hawaii, he started surfing while still young.

Rothman was given a Life Path Number 5 which indicates a desire to travel and find higher truth. A natural leader, Rothman has amassed a considerable social media following.

Koa Rothman is currently single and prefers to keep his personal life private. He enjoys surfing with his friends, can be found active on Instagram, has an excellent relationship with his mother, and was even recently seen at a California beach with Lydia Free as his partner.

Net Worth

Koa Rothman is an award-winning professional surfer known for his YouTube series “This is Livin”, documenting his surf trips. His mother often appears in pictures posted to his Instagram account; and he is well known for taking on challenging waves such as Pipeline.

He has amassed an estimated net worth of between $1-5 Million as a professional surfer. Yet he prefers to keep his personal life private: never having married and lacking children (currently dating but prefers not disclosing details about relationship). According to healthyceleb.com he stands 180.5 cm.

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