Krause Plow

The Krause Plow – A History of Innovation in Agriculture

Agriculture is an age-old profession, yet relies heavily on innovation for success. That is why it is crucial to upgrade equipment and technology constantly.

KUHN Krause cultivation equipment is designed to deliver optimal seedbed conditions. The flexible-wing chisel plow delivers durable primary tillage while cultivator shanks provide effective mixing action and soil dislodgement.

Early Life and Education

Henry Krause’s one-way plow was developed to combat wind erosion by leaving behind more residue on the soil surface, becoming one of the first soil conservation tillage tools ever invented – farmers were eager for him to build them!

Today, the company manufactures conservation tools such as no-till grain drills and in-line rippers designed to maximize soil fracturing while leaving residual on the surface. Their equipment can be found throughout North America through dealers.

Councilman Bruce Kraus works collaboratively with City departments and neighborhood groups throughout his district to advance projects like reopening South Side Market House and Carson Street Branch Library for improved services to this hilltop community.

Professional Career

Henry Krause made history when he constructed the first one-way disc plow on his western Kansas farm in 1916, to help combat soil erosion and keep more dirt on their fields while conserving water and reducing carbon emissions – an early instance of green revolution that would revolutionise farming forever.

Kuhn Group acquired Kuhn Krause in 2011, and the brand continues to operate under this name today. Headquartered in Hutchinson, Kansas and offering products to enhance farmers’ productivity and profitability.

Tillage equipment offered by this company includes disc mower conditioners, tedders, rotary rakes and round balers; BiG Pack large square balers; self-propelled mower conditioners and self-propelled square balers are also produced as well as chemical applicators and hay and forage equipment – and can be found across farm equipment dealers nationwide.

Achievement and Honors

Since Henry Krause first created his one-way disc plow in 1916, Kuhn Group has taken pride in carrying on Henry’s tradition of innovation by purchasing it and expanding their selection. Ever since their acquisition by Kuhn Group in 2011, their brand remains committed to expanding on Henry’s original innovation that began when his neighbors saw his equipment and requested that more be built by Henry.

Kuhn Group brands are currently distributed through an established network of over 1,000 independent agriculture equipment dealers throughout North America and Canada, and boast North American and global leadership positions across various product categories such as tillage and hay tools.

The family business interests also include ownership of Des Moines Menace soccer team in USL soccer competition and significant real estate holdings, such as Casa di Langa in Italy – a 5-star wine resort. In 2007, their Iowa firm received the Oscar C. Schmidt Iowa Business Leadership Award from University of Iowa Tippie College of Business.

Personal Life

Councilman Krause has long championed Pittsburgh’s Historic Neighborhoods and Traditional Beauty. He played a significant role in securing space and opening up the Carnegie “Pop-Up Library”, providing residents of his community access to state-of-the-art library services.

Henry Krause invented his one-way disc plow in western Kansas in 1916 to fight wind erosion on the plains and leave more soil at surface level, known as conservation tillage tool by many today. It is widely considered as the precursor of modern conservation tillage tools.

Today, Krause’s modern facility in Hutchinson produces a comprehensive selection of agricultural equipment including chisel plows, field cultivators and no-till grain drills – Fortune Magazine included them among their 100 Best American Made Products list in 1988 – while simultaneously developing innovative new solutions to help farmers become more efficient.

Net Worth

Krause first invented Scrub Daddy after operating an international buffing pad and car detailing company. A master sculptor, he had an affinity for innovation. Born February 1st 1969 in Wynnewood Pennsylvania – Krause later attended Syracuse University to earn his degree in psychology.

In 2012, he developed the Scrub Daddy sponge. His innovation received widespread exposure when he appeared on business reality show Shark Tank and Lori Greiner offered him a deal. Since then, this product has become one of the top selling products on QVC.

Kuhn Group, recently acquired Krause Corporation, is an established provider of farm equipment. Their vast array of machinery includes tillage equipment and grain drills; with the 4830 in-line ripper helping reduce soil compaction while increasing root penetration and increasing nutrient uptake.

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