Kyairra Thomas

Kyairra Thomas Was 8 Months Old When She Was Found Dead in a Columbus Donato’s

Kyair and Kason Thomas had recently been reunited after their mother’s vehicle containing them was stolen from Columbus Donato’s. But it now seems there may be heartache as they find out their mother has passed away and her remains have yet to be located.

Nathaniel Overmire of Franklin County Coroner Service reported Kyair died due to an accidental choking accident when placed face-down on an adult bed. Emergency responders took him to Nationwide Children’s hospital but was declared deceased upon their arrival.

Early Life and Education

COLUMBUS — There remain many unanswered questions regarding Ky’air Thomas. FOX28 requested an autopsy report from Franklin County Coroner’s Office but was told it is protected by HIPAA and must wait on guidance from legal department for its release.

Thomas was raised within an orthodox society of Quakers; however, her education and travels in Europe provided her with new experiences that challenged her beliefs. She wanted to study at Johns Hopkins University; however, due to its all male faculty she was not permitted to take classes there or earn her degree.

As president of Bryn Mawr College, she actively advocated for women’s education and equal rights, supporting the Women’s Suffrage Movement by raising tens of thousands of dollars for its cause.

Personal Life

Kyairra Thomas was only 8 months old when he and Kason, his twin brother, were found by their mother after hours after their car had been stolen and issued with an AMBER Alert.

Family member tell WSYX of Kyair Thomas’ death: The Columbus family remains shocked and in disbelief at this tragedy occurring so suddenly after everything they have endured together.

Scott Thomas; her daughters Kyairra and Jadeyn Thomas; her siblings Sandra, Jonathan Andrekopolus, Jacqueline Faber as well as many nieces and nephews are mourning her loss and private services are planned in the near future. Addison, a junior in TDHS SCFA is performing her second musical with us – James and the Giant Peach being her favorite role (alongside Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka).

Net Worth

Kyairra Thomas has amassed significant wealth through her work as the former President of the New York Liberty in the WNBA, broadcasting and sports analysis services and joining NBA TV as part of an analysis panel.

Tra Thomas currently boasts an estimated net worth of $12 Million. Drafted second overall by the Detroit Pistons during the 1981 NBA draft, Thomas made over $16.7 Million during his playing career with them and earned an additional $7 Million as salary during this time.

Tanisha Thomas is an acclaimed reality television star who has earned her way through hard work and perseverance to achieve greatness in this often challenging industry. Her success serves as proof that anyone can achieve success even within reality television’s tough confines.

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