Kyler Oliver

Kyler Oliver

Kyler Oliver is an exceptional and gifted rodeo rider, earning thousands in recent series. Additionally, his appealing personality and physical appearance makes him very popular with audiences.

Oliver still plans on competing in this year’s Unleash the Beast championship despite his injury, practicing his riding techniques on a bull.

Early Life and Education

Kyler Oliver was born and raised in Roy, Utah with the support of a loving family that believed in his dreams. Shane Oliver, an established bull rider himself and one of his primary influences has been instrumental in shaping Kyler Oliver. Although Kyler still has much to prove in terms of physical capabilities and motor capacity, NFL scouts have noticed him enough that they contacted him with offers.

He’s inseparable from his daughter Indy Jae and regularly posts images of her on social media accounts. Additionally, he’s in a relationship with Courtney who regularly shows up to support him at competitions as she knows she will cheering for him! These two are madly in love.

Professional Career

Kyler Oliver has become one of the most beloved professional rodeo riders due to his outstanding career and charming persona. He has won multiple titles while often promoting various products on social media – contributing to an estimated net worth of approximately $40,000.

Utah native and sheep rider Alex Starling began riding sheep as a kid and quickly fell in love with it. After participating in junior and high school riding programs, he wanted to try his luck in PRCA rodeos; so instead did not participate his senior year of high school riding programs.

At NCCU, he served as both outside linebackers coach and recruiting coordinator, helping the team win two SWAC West division championships and an NCAA national title in 2008. Additionally, he has worked as location manager on movies such as 1996 TV movie Wally Sparks and 1998 drama Brown’s Requiem.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver has won three Greater Lehigh Valley Conference Player of the Year honors as well as Academic All-America honors, in addition to being recognized with both Richard F. Scharf Paragon Award and GCAA Coaches’ Choice awards.

At the start of 2022 season, he found himself deep down the event leaderboards; however, two rides at PBR Monster Energy Buck Off at The Garden helped propel him towards qualifying for World Finals and finishing second at PBR Velocity Tour Finals propelled him up the world rankings to 37th position overall.

Oliver has also worked as a location scout for director J.J. Abrams of Mission: Impossible III and Takers, featuring Zoe Saldana. Furthermore, he is a frequent artist at Pittsburgh Opera.

Personal Life

Oliver is an incredible husband and father. He adores spending time with his daughter Indy Jae and has always been an important presence in her life – she feels blessed that Oliver is part of it all!

As well as his roles on movies starring Virginia Mads, he has worked as a location assistant on several films. For instance, he served as location manager on Phone Booth and as location assistant on two other movies featuring Virginia Mads.

Unfortunately, he has experienced his fair share of injuries as well. After being sidelined with a back injury during 2021 season – which brought an end to his hopes for world title bid – he had to suspend playing until later this year when the injury healed itself and hope that return.

Net Worth

Kyler Oliver is an expert bull rider with a stellar career and numerous victories under his belt. His sponsorships and advertisements help earn him significant sums of money; plus his millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube help bring in even more income for him.

Madison Bontempo Fisher and Jon Fisher have been enjoying life together and recently created The Fishfam on TikTok to document their daily lives for viewers. Through Vlogs they document what’s going on inside of their household.

Kyler and Elizabeth have also been blessed with twin daughters Taytum and Oakley as well as son Halston Blake, with plans to welcome a baby daughter shortly. Overall, they’re extremely content living their dream life; moreover, Kyler’s family are fully supportive of his professional goals.

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