Lala Kent No Makeup

Lala Kent Wears No Makeup at Red Carpet Events

Lala Kent is an accomplished actress and entrepreneur. She has had a notable career on television and in movies such as Dudes and Dragons and “The Row”. Despite her impressive resume, Kent still finds time to dabble in the beauty business. For instance, she recently launched her own skincare line called Give Me Clean Skin. She has also branched out to create a podcast. She has also been spotted wearing no makeup at red carpet events. In fact, she recently underwent a cosmetic procedure that went viral on social media.

Lala Kent recently underwent a boob job. It was a painstaking procedure that involves micro-needling the skin. The results are a boost to collagen, elastin, and stem cells, all of which can help the skin look younger. While the process is not without its complications, it’s a worthwhile investment. According to Lala, she will likely undergo the process again for the sake of her unborn child.

Similarly, Lala is also a fan of the no-makeup look. This has been a growing trend, especially in the summer. The star of Bravo’s hit reality show Vanderpump Rules has been spotted sporting this look on several occasions. On one occasion, she wore a grey bathrobe with her long blonde hair tucked into a sleek bun. She even shared the products she used to achieve her looks on her Instagram feed. Fans were less than impressed with the new look, judging by the plethora of comments left on her video. Nevertheless, Lala has since returned to the show in a much more positive light.

Earlier this year, Lala and her film director husband Randall Emmett were engaged. They planned to marry in April 2020. However, they postponed the nuptials indefinitely, a move which sparked some speculation that they were getting a divorce. Despite this, the duo have never been publicly divorced. Their relationship has had its share of ups and downs. Some fans have claimed that Lala is overbearing and has a tendency to overdo things, which has led to several breakups. Fortunately for the fans, she and Emmett are now engaged again.

Despite her busy schedule, Lala can make time for the more sexy pursuits in life, such as playing the lead in a horror film. Her latest role is as a starring actress in the upcoming heist flick Vault. As for her philanthropic efforts, she has donated funds to the ASPCA. She has also been known to support the arts, particularly in the form of a music festival. One of her many accomplishments is the creation of the Give Them Lala beauty brand. Aside from beauty products, she is an enthusiastic advocate for body positivity and embracing your unique features.

She is also a proud mother. After having her first child, Ocean, in March of 2021, the actress and entrepreneur is planning for more. She and her fiancée have reportedly been discussing expanding their family, although they have yet to commit to a plan.

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