Larry Fortune

Larry Fortune was raised in Fresno before attending Stanford University to take over his family’s real estate brokerage. While at Stanford he served on several local organizations’ boards including Fig Garden Police Protection District, Better Business Bureau, Tree Fresno and California Association of Realtors.

He had big ideas.

Professional Career

Larry Fortune has become one of the premier business minds through his use of innovative thinking strategies throughout his career. His ideas have supported businesses of all kinds ranging from small construction equipment companies to Fortune 100 corporations.

Fortune has proven his business acumen by serving on the boards of numerous impactful Fresno organizations such as Fresno County Economic Development Corp, Big Fresno Fair, Better Business Bureau and California Association of Realtors.

Fortune also brings to Georgetown CLE an impressive background in leadership coaching, having worked closely with senior partners from top law firms, general counsel of Fortune 500 companies and members of Congress as a part of his responsibilities as head. His insight and wisdom make him a sought-after speaker at leadership conferences.

Achievement and Honors

Larry enjoys practicing karate and diving scuba; in his personal time he also dabbles with glass blowing which requires immense skill.

His philanthropic endeavors include supporting organizations that raise breast cancer awareness and provide access to technology for youth. Additionally, he takes an avid interest in community development; for two decades he sponsored Oakland’s Oracle Arena basketball venue as part of his commitment.

The museum enlisted Connecticut Poet Laureate Marilyn Nelson to write a poem called Manumission Requiem that honored Fortune and his family. Her piece can be seen at an exhibit at the museum; his bones, however, remain covered out of respect for him; scientists at the museum are studying them so as to gain more insights into his life.

Personal Life

He was surrounded by three sons, Andy and Larry Fortune; one daughter, Doris Barnett; grandchildren Cheyanne Fortune, Colby Eskew and Gage Fortune as well as one sister: Janie Fortune of Newport; Joe Fortune had previously passed on in Augusta.

Personal Life In his free time, he enjoyed watching and supporting the Washington Redskins as well as spending time with family – particularly his grandchildren.

He enjoyed various hobbies, such as karate and scuba diving. Additionally, he held board membership in several local organizations, such as the Fresno County Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau; Tree Fresno was founded under his direction, while he also was an official private sector representative on Fresno County Community Housing Leadership Board and was a dedicated volunteer.

Net Worth

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Larry King was a legendary journalist, conducting thousands of interviews with some of the world’s most notable people and amassing an immense fortune through them. Beginning as part of a radio show before moving onto hosting his own talk show in 1985.

He amassed most of his current fortune from being one of the co-founders of Google, now known as Alphabet (formerly Google). Along with Sergey Brin, they developed Google when both were graduate students at Stanford University.

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