Larry Gatlin Net Worth

Larry Gatlin currently boasts an estimated net worth of $10 Million, an astounding sum that speaks to his career achievements and charitable efforts.

Gatlin is an accomplished country singer from Texas. He is widely renowned for his collaborations with Rudy and Steve Gatlin as part of The Gatlin Brothers band; additionally he has released several solo albums.

Early Life and Education

Larry Gatlin was born in Seminole, Texas and raised in a musical household alongside Steve and Rudy Gatlin, often singing together at family and church functions. Following high school graduation he attended University of Houston on a football scholarship where he majored in English while discovering an affinity for writing that would serve him well later as one of their co-songwriters.

Gatlin and his brothers found great success during the 1970s with their music career, creating hits such as “Broken Lady” and “All the Gold in California” that became national hits. Additionally, he has written for other artists while branching into acting – activities which has added significantly to his overall net worth.

Professional Career

Gatlin has had an accomplished singing career. He has won multiple awards and become most notably associated with Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers band. Furthermore, in addition to music he is an author and actor; having written books as well as appearing in Broadway production of Will Rogers Follies as well as television movie Big Dreams and Broken Hearts: The Dottie West Story.

Gatlin was raised on Country and Gospel music from an early age with his brothers performing at family gatherings as well as local radio stations. After graduating Odessa High School in 1966 on a football scholarship, he went on to major in English at University of Houston on scholarship.

Achievement and Honors

Larry Gatlin has made an indelible mark on country music with his distinctive voice and impressive songwriting skills, amassing an immense fortune through both The Gatlin Brothers and solo performances. Additionally, he has generously contributed his talents towards charitable endeavors while continuing to inspire fans with his musical prowess.

Born in Seminole, Texas in 1948 and heavily influenced by country and southern gospel music, he began singing alongside his younger brothers Steve and Rudy at family and church events. Later attending University of Houston on a football scholarship – majoring in English – which would serve him well during his writing career.

Personal Life

Larry Gatlin is the oldest of three brothers; he began singing with Steve, Rudy and their sister Rudy from an early age at family and church socials. Following graduation from high school he attended University of Houston on a football scholarship, but his love for music led him into small club and listening room circuit where country singer Dottie West became impressed with his songwriting abilities and helped break him into Nashville.

Gatlin has had great success as both a member of The Gatlin Brothers and as a solo artist, scoring numerous hit songs with both groups and as an individual artist. His distinctive tenor voice and beautiful vocals have cemented him a place as one of country music’s premier vocalists. Beyond music, his acting roles and songwriting royalties have provided him with significant wealth over his long career.

Net Worth

Gatlin is a well-known country music singer/songwriter who has left an indelible mark on the industry with his musical prowess. His career has been hugely successful and he has won multiple awards over his time spent performing.

Over time, he has amassed an impressive net worth. His primary source of income comes from song royalties; in addition, he has earned money through various public appearances and acting gigs.

Gatlin first discovered his passion for music at an early age in Seminole, Texas where he formed a band along with his brothers and began performing at local clubs. They quickly gained in popularity and received their own recording contract that allowed them to release several singles and albums such as Straight Ahead (1979) which proved immensely successful on country music charts.

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