Laura Innes Net Worth

Laura Innes Net Worth – Actress and Television Director

Laura Innes Net Worth is an esteemed American actress and director. She is best-known for her starring role as Dr. Kerry Weaver on NBC medical drama ER; reprised this role for its final season. Laura Innes also appeared briefly as Sophia on NBC thriller series The Event before leaving it after two episodes.

Her father introduced her to professional theater, and she went on to study it at Northwestern University. Now married to David Brisbin, she has two children – an adopted daughter named Mia as well as biological son Caland.

Early Life and Education

Laura Elizabeth Innes is an American actress and television director, best known for her starring role as Dr. Kerry Weaver on ER and guest appearances on other popular shows such as Wings and The West Wing. Additionally, Laura directed several episodes of ER.

Innes was born August 16, 1957 in Pontiac, Michigan. She attended Seaholm High School until 1975 before studying theatre at Northwestern University. Since then she has appeared in multiple productions such as A Streetcar Named Desire and Two Shakespearean Actors.

Since 1988, she has been married to actor David Brisbin. They have two children together: Cal and Mia whom they adopted from China respectively. They reside in Los Angeles.

Professional Career

Laura Elizabeth Innes is an esteemed figure in the entertainment world. Known for her roles on ER and Sophia on The Event (NBC thriller series), Innes has also participated in multiple theater productions while earning a degree from Northwestern University.

Since she first appeared in ER as a guest star in 1995, she has become a permanent cast member by its third season and earned two Emmy nominations and three Screen Actors Guild Awards as part of ER’s ensemble cast.

Dr. Weaver in ER had physical disabilities that allowed Innes to learn more about disability issues in real life and become an advocate for those living with them. Today she uses her position as an actress as a way of making a difference for those who require advocacy services.

Achievement and Honors

Laura Innes is an internationally acclaimed American actress and television director known for both her performances on-camera as well as behind it. She has garnered critical acclaim for both roles, earning numerous awards and nominations throughout her career for acting and directing.

He introduced her to professional theater through his frequent visits to Stratford Festival of Canada. On his advice, she attended Northwestern University to pursue her desire to be an actress; there she joined Alpha Chi Omega sorority and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts.

She is married to David Brisbin and they share two children: Cal and Mia whom they adopted from China. She enjoys living a modest lifestyle with her family.

Personal Life

Laura Innes is best-known for her award-winning role as Kerry Weaver on ER, one of television’s most successful medical dramas. Her portrayal resonated with audiences and earned critical acclaim – earning two Emmy nominations, three Screen Actors Guild awards, five nods from Viewers for Quality Television as well as direct episodes for such popular series as Brothers and Sisters, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip House and The West Wing among many more!

Gloria Reuben is married to David Brisbin and shares two children; Cal was born in 1990 while Mia was adopted from China in April 2002. Gloria has made guest appearances on numerous TV shows as well as TV movies; Gloria, who famously played physician assistant Jeanie Boulet on ER, has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 Million dollars.

Net Worth

Laura Innes is best known for her appearances on ER and The Event on NBC, where she performed as Sophia. Laura Innes exemplifies dedication and perseverance as keys to achieving success in entertainment industry, and her ability to transition between acting and directing shows that she possesses multifaceted talent within television.

Innes began her acting career on stage before transitioning into television acting roles on shows like Party of Five and My So-Called Life as guest stars. But her real breakthrough came when she was cast as Dr. Kerry Weaver on ER, playing her from 1995 through 2007 before reprised it during its final season from 2008 to 2009. Additionally, Innes has directed episodes for other series such as Brothers & Sisters, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and The West Wing throughout her career.

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