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Abby Huntsman Leaves Bachelorette to Become a Podcast Host

Abby Huntsman, the entrepreneur and former Bachelorette has left her day job to become the co-host of a podcast. She is not new to the limelight, she previously co-hosted the HuffPost Live. This is not to say she isn’t still learning. A few years ago, she even took a two-week jaunt to Utah to help her dad run for governor. That was a nice way to end her career, but not without its share of headaches.

While the news of her leaving the network made the national news wire, it wasn’t the company’s decision to sack her that caused her to re-evaluate her life and the direction she was headed in. Her family got sick on her return from Utah. Upon her return home to Washington, she began reevaluating her career options and her decision was not an easy one. After two seasons, the news broke that she would not be returning to The Bachelorette. But she remained optimistic.

It turns out, she was not the only high-flying exec who wasn’t so lucky. Many of her colleagues have left NBC or departed to other pastures. One notable exception is former View co-host and current Bachelorette star Meghan McCain. Despite her best efforts, Huntsman is unlikely to see the inside of ABC’s West Coast headquarters again. And, she says, she will be missed. In the meantime, she will continue to ply her craft as a podcaster, and she’s keeping a few of her favorite guests around for a spin. If she’s still around in a few months, expect to see her on your televisions. Until then, be sure to check out her latest offerings! You can find her at

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