Laurence Harvey Net Worth

According to various estimates, Laurence Harvey had amassed between $1-5 Million prior to his death from acting professionally in movies.

Room at the Top’s star brought sexual permissiveness to cinematic storytelling and earned himself an Oscar nomination. Additionally, he enjoyed success both as a stage actor and television presence.

Early Life and Education

Harvey found success both on stage and screen during the late 1950s. He appeared alongside three Oscar winners–Simone Signoret (Room at the Top), Elizabeth Taylor (BUtterfield 8), and Julie Christie (Darling).

He made his cinematic debut with House of Darkness in 1948 under the stage name Laurence Harvey and eventually persevered through numerous low-budget productions before finding success with higher budget movies.

He appeared in several suspense and thriller movies like Manchurian Candidate and Night Watch as well as numerous television series such as Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Rod Serling’s Night Gallery. Unfortunately he died on November 25, 1973 of stomach cancer at only 45 years old – having been born in South Africa.

Professional Career

Laurence Harvey is an American Actor best known for his cinematic acting. With an immense fan base and numerous awards to his name, he is considered an exceptional actor.

Joniskis, Lithuania was his birthplace. He is best-known for his iconic roles in Room at the Top (for which he received an Academy Award nomination), The Alamo and Black Hawk Down, both of which garnered him Oscar nominations.

Harvey first came to prominence during the late 1950s. He starred in the TV play The Bet and in several movies before portraying King Arthur for Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe’s Camelot at Drury Lane London production in 1964. His final film appearance was Welcome to Arrow Beach.

Achievement and Honors

Harvey was best-known for his clipped accent and debonair screen presence. His 1959 performance in Room at the Top earned him an Academy Award nomination and international acclaim, and later on went on to portray characters such as William Barret Travis of Texas in The Alamo, Weston Liggett in Butterfield 8 and Sergeant Raymond Shaw from The Manchurian Candidate.

He made his directorial debut with 1963’s critically-panned The Ceremony, while his last movie, an adaptation of Akira Kurasawa’s Rashoman was similarly unfavorable to him.

Harvey kept his personal life private and rarely discussed it publicly. A heavy smoker and drinker, Harvey died of stomach cancer at 45 in 1973 – leaving behind Domino, whom later went into bounty hunting as well as entering drug rehabilitation clinics four times before entering recovery herself.

Personal Life

He often had audiences laughing outright and once wondered why he didn’t perform more comedies.

Born and raised in Lithuania, Harvey served with the entertainment unit of the South African Army during World War II before moving to London on a scholarship from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art – this is when he took up acting under his stage name Laurence Harvey.

He made his film debut with Room at the Top (1959), playing Joe Lampton alongside Simone Signoret and Heather Sears for which he earned an Academy Award nomination.

Paulene Stone became his second spouse after their daughter Paulena Stone had also become his widow. They had one daughter together.

Net Worth

This actor has made himself a name in acting. His success can be attributed to hard work he put in throughout his career, becoming an internationally acclaimed celebrity as a result. But to reach this position required a long and challenging journey.

As social climber Joe Lampton in Romulus Films’s Room at the Top (1959), Jack Clayton made him an overnight success, leading him on to roles like William Barret Travis (Texan Commander in The Alamo and Weston Liggett in Butterfield 8).

Harvey made his film debut with 1965’s Darling. Unfortunately, however, his career soon went into decline; and on November 25th 1973 he died of cancer at Hampstead, London, England.

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