Laurie Walters Net Worth

Actress Laurie Walters has amassed an immense fortune through various sources of income. Now living an opulent lifestyle, her fortune can support it all.

As part of a former Eight is Enough cast, she joined James Van Patten, Connie Needham and Dianne Kay at the Los Angeles premiere of Hello Dolly! in January 2019.

Early Life and Education

Laurie Walters first gained notoriety as Joanie Bradford on Eight Is Enough. Later she appeared in several other television shows during the 1980s as well as two reunion TV specials before ending her acting career permanently in 1993.

As of 1999, Walters lived and worked as an environmentalist in Los Angeles. She also frequently performed on stage or directed theater productions throughout southern California under her married name of Laurie Walters Slade.

She was also involved with various community programs like Big Brothers and Big Sisters. With an enthusiastic passion for theater and the arts, she volunteered her time as director in several plays.

Professional Career

Laurie Walters has enjoyed immense professional success, thanks to her careful financial management abilities which have resulted in vast wealth accumulation. Additionally, Laurie gives away much of her income to charitable causes which speaks volumes about both her character and values.

She began acting in various TV series before breaking out with Eight Is Enough as its star. Additionally, she has guest starred on other hit programs such as Highway to Heaven and Cheers.

She hosts large-scale evangelistic crusades that draw crowds of tens of thousands, which has significantly bolstered her income. Additionally, she works as an environmentalist and produces theater productions in Ojai, California; here she finds peace and fulfilment. Recently she also began writing and directing plays.

Achievement and Honors

Laurie Walters is an award-winning actress and theatre director who also hosts Harvest Crusades – large-scale evangelical events that raise money for charitable causes.

She currently resides in Ojai, California where she continues her acting and directing work at Ojai Art Center Theater (OACT). Most recently, she was featured in Chris Durang’s comedy Vanya, Sonia, Masha & Spike.

She is a member of the Green Coalition and served on the Board for Ojai Shakespeare Festival. Additionally, she hosts an ongoing Shakespeare Salon to study Shakespeare’s works.

Personal Life

Laurie Walters has amassed significant wealth through her acting career and uses it to support charitable organizations such as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (which she belongs to).

She belongs to life path number 3, which is associated with creativity and inspiration. She’s known to be very social, possessing excellent communication skills as well.

Laurie Walters played Joanie Bradford on Eight is Enough and also guest-starred on many popular series like Cheers, Highway to Heaven, Fantasy Island and Columbo.

She currently resides in Ojai, California where she works as an environmentalist and directs theater productions throughout Southern California. Furthermore, she serves as a Shakespeare scholar by organizing an ongoing Shakespeare salon. Additionally, she enjoys connecting with nature through meditation sessions in nature’s wild surroundings.

Net Worth

Laurie Walters has enjoyed great success in her professional field and amassed significant fortune due to her earnings. Furthermore, Laurie Walters is widely respected for her philanthropy efforts.

This actor is renowned around the globe. Her many admirers view her as an inspirational figure in their lives and she has made considerable headway with her career, although it wasn’t easy getting here.

She first became famous as Joanie Bradford on ABC’s Eight Is Enough from 1977-1981, though she also appeared in other shows such as Highway to Heaven and Cheers. Since her retirement from acting, she has become a theater director and environmental activist.

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