Les Do Makeup Net Worth

Leslie Quezada, widely known by her online name les do makeup, is an established YouTuber and social media influencer from El Paso, Texas who makes an excellent living through engaging makeup tutorial videos she posts online.

Her charitable endeavors and collaboration with prominent brands has significantly raised her net worth. Let’s take a look at her life and career to get an understanding of more of who she is.

Early Life and Education

Leslie Quezada (also known by her handle les do makeup) is a YouTuber and social media influencer from El Paso, Texas who has amassed an extensive following through engaging content related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics. Prior to beginning her channel she studied business at a nearby university before beginning to create content on YouTube.

She is open about her personal life and is in a relationship with Vlex Galindo, who frequently makes appearances in her videos. They recently welcomed Gael Gianni into their family in mid-2019.

Leslie is a well-known YouTuber who makes her living through advertising revenue, brand partnerships and product sales as well as her own merchandise line. Additionally, Leslie has established an influential presence on Instagram that contributes immensely to her financial success. Leslie’s hard work and ability to connect with her audience is what has driven her financial success.

Professional Career

Leslie Quezada is an influential social media influencer known for her makeup-related videos on YouTube and social media. Her friendly personality and borderland slang has quickly amassed a large fan base. She earned her Bachelor’s degree at University of Texas El Paso before intending to earn her Master’s in future years.

On top of YouTube, she is also active on other platforms such as Instagram and TikTok; regularly posting videos showing makeup techniques and products she uses.

At 26, celebrity Vlex Galindo often appears with her in videos and is parents to Gael Gianni, their baby boy. Additionally, they own their own merchandise line as well as partnerships with established brands to promote their products.

Achievement and Honors

Leslie Quezada, more popularly known as Les Do Makeup on social media platforms such as YouTube, gained prominence by posting engaging makeup-related videos that captured viewers’ interest and attracted many new subscribers online. This led her to amass massive followings online.

She has also established her own beauty brand, which has helped diversify her income stream and increase her net worth. Furthermore, she has collaborated with various acclaimed brands and featured in viral content pieces.

Les Do Makeup is very open about her personal life and regularly uploads videos featuring her relationship with Vlex Galindo, another YouTuber who she met through this channel. Together they have one child, Gael Giani Galindo. Together they reside in Franklin Mountains, Texas as followers of Christianity.

Personal Life

Leslie Quezada is an established social media influencer, YouTuber and model who has garnered immense renown through her makeup tutorials on YouTube and social media. Yet despite her fame, Leslie remains approachable and does not hesitate to share intimate details from her personal life with her followers.

She has collaborated with various acclaimed beauty brands, and offers her own product range regularly through YouTube and other platforms – thereby significantly increasing her net worth.

She is very transparent about her romantic life and often features Vlex Galindo in her videos as she boasts about their son Gael Gianni on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Additionally, they own two houses which they demonstrate in her vlogs.

Net Worth

Leslie Quezada, better known by her nickname Les Do Makeup, is an influential lifestyle YouTuber and social media influencer with more than 340,000 subscribers to her channel Les Do Makeup on YouTube and social media. The channel hosts various forms of content including vlogs, challenges, Q&As, sit down videos, mukbangs and travel videos; her updates take place weekly. Due to her experience and knack for connecting with her audience she has collaborated with various beauty brands which has increased both income streams as well as net worth considerably

She is quite open about her personal life and often posts updates of her relationship with Vlex Galindo – the couple reside together near El Paso in Franklin Mountains near El Paso Texas.

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