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Lilian Fossum Biner and Corinne Blatter

Lilian Fossum Biner earned her degree at Stockholm School of Economics and has over 22 years’ experience across multiple consumer-front industries, specializing in financial control, strategic pricing and multiple brand strategy. Currently she serves as chairwoman of Cloetta AB as well as member of Thule, Oriflame Carlsberg & LE Lundbergforetagen boards.

Early Life and Education

Corinne Blatter is Sepp Blatter’s daughter and serves as its eighth president from 1998-2015. Corinne currently operates Bistro Napolean with her partner.

He graduated from Stockholm School of Economics, and she has extensive experience in consumer and food retail industries such as Axel Johnson AB as head of financial controlling, Electrolux Major Appliances Europe’s head of strategic pricing, Cloetta AB’s Thule products, Swiss Givaudan. Additionally, she serves on Boards such as Cloetta AB and Thule.

She is also the founder and principal consultant at management consulting firm a-connect (group) ag, and holds mandates with companies not publicly traded on an exchange, including car manufacturer Scania AB, brewery Carlsberg A/S, investment company LE Lundbergforetagen and sports supplier LeDap Group AB.

Professional Career

Lilian Fossum Biner, a Swedish businesswoman, has established an exceptional career across retail, household goods and the brewing industries. She possesses vast expertise in financial management and control, strategic pricing, HR issues and multiple brand strategy development; serving on boards such as Oriflame, Thule and Swiss Givaudan.

She has served on the boards of several listed companies, such as Spendrups Bryggeri AB and Axel Johnson AB. At Givaudan she serves as non-executive independent director and member of its Audit Committee.

Corinne was the daughter of Sepp Blatter, former FIFA president from Switzerland who served from 1998-2015 and was banned from all football activities due to corruption charges.

Achievement and Honors

Lilian Fossum Biner is an accomplished business woman with extensive experience in retail, household goods and brewing industries. She excels at financial controlling, strategic pricing and multiple brand strategy – she currently sits on boards such as Oriflame, Scania and Thule to name just three examples of such boards.

Blatter has been married three times. His first was to a local girl named Liliane Biner; with whom he had one daughter named Corinne before they divorced soon afterwards. In 1981, he married Barbara Kaser – daughter of Helmut Kaser who served as secretary-general before him at FIFA – and their marriage lasted ten years until Barbara succumbed to complications caused by an operation and passed away suddenly.

Later, Blatter started dating Ilona Boguska, a Polish friend of Corinne’s whom he met through Corinne herself. They began a romantic relationship that would ultimately end in 2002.

Personal Life

Corinne Blatter is best-known as Sepp Blatter’s daughter; a Swiss former football administrator who led FIFA as its eighth president from 1998-2015. Unfortunately, little information exists regarding Corinne’s personal life.

Corinne’s father was first married to Liliane Biner, the mother of his only child Corinne, but shortly after their marriage they divorced and she later married Barbara Kaser – daughter of Helmut Kaser who served as FIFA secretary general prior to him – they stayed together for 10 years until Barbara Kaser died due to complications following an operation.

Blatter began dating Ilona Boguska, who had previously been an acquaintance of Corinne’s. Later he married Graziella Bianca (who worked as a dolphin trainer), though their marriage ended shortly thereafter in 2002. Since then he has been in a domestic partnership relationship with Linda Barras.

Net Worth

Liliane Bettencourt became one of the wealthiest women in the world through L’Oreal. As sole heiress to L’Oreal, she amassed immense wealth. Additionally, she founded the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation which still funds medical, cultural and humanitarian projects today.

Blatter was dogged by allegations of corruption throughout his time at FIFA. There were claims he accepted bribes from nations looking to host the World Cup; Qatar being one of them.

Later in her career, she became embroiled in a scandal which has since been revisited through Netflix documentary. She sued celebrity photographer Francois-Marie Banier for abusing weakness – losing around 22 million euros due to this scam.

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