Lisa Breckenridge Net Worth

Lisa Breckenridge has earned tremendous renown as an accomplished journalist due to her hard work and devotion in journalism.

She worked at KYMA, KOLO-TV and KCRA in Sacramento before joining KTTV as reporter, fill-in anchor, lifestyle correspondent for Good Day L.A. for nearly seventeen years.

Early Life and Education

Lisa Breckenridge has found great success as a journalist, thanks to years of hard work and enthusiasm.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree at Pacific Union College in Napa Valley and also studied broadcast journalism at Stanford University’s Mass Media Institute of Broadcast Journalism. Following graduation, she held positions with KYMA in Yuma, Arizona; KOLO-TV in Reno Nevada; KCRA Sacramento California and ultimately settled at KTTV as reporter, fill-in anchor and lifestyle correspondent on Good Day L.A. between 1999-2017 – an endeavor which lasted almost 18+1/2 years from 1999 – 2017!

She and talent agent Andy Cohen have been married since August 17, 2003. Together they live a happy life with their twin children Elsie and Benjamin. Both partners remain very active on social media, often sharing photos with fans regularly.

Professional Career

She is a successful journalist. For two decades she has reported news with an eye-catching blonde bob hairstyle and charming personality.

Born 27 May 1965 in Lodi, California and attending Lodi Academy before going on to Pacific Union College where she earned a bachelor’s degree.

Breckenridge and Andy Cohen, a talent agent, share two children: Benjamin and Elsie. They tied the knot on 17 August 2003 at Taverna Tony in Malibu.

She had twins after thirty weeks on complete bed rest, assisted by C-section and 24 hours of labor pains, both delivered successfully and are living together happily today.

Achievement and Honors

She is an exceptional journalist who has established herself in media. It is estimated that she may have amassed between $1 and $5 Million.

As a journalist, Lisa has witnessed many of life’s darkest moments; yet one story would become her greatest achievement. While covering a tragic car accident in Malibu, Lisa found herself caught up in an unlikely chain of events which ultimately lead to meeting Andy Cohen–her future spouse!

Since their meeting, this couple has remained an incredibly strong force in each other’s lives, sharing their joy of marriage through various social media platforms. Together they share two children; son Benjamin and daughter Elsie.

Personal Life

Lisa Breckenridge has achieved great success through hard work and determination. Over her 30-year journalism career, Lisa has worked for various companies such as KTTV and Los Angeles-based CBS 2.

Breckenridge hails from America and belongs to white ethnicity. She sports an attractive blonde bob haircut and is well known for her captivating personality.

She married Andy Cohen, an American talent manager. They tied the knot at Taverna Tony in Malibu on 17 August 2003 and are blessed with twin children: Benjamin and Elsie.

She has appeared on multiple television programs such as Good Day LA, KOLO-TV, KCRA and KTTV; Orange County as a recurring character and has done voice work for Family Guy are just a few more examples of where her talents lie.

Net Worth

Lisa Breckenridge is renowned across the globe, having achieved great success through hard work and determination. Additionally, her fans have shown immense love.

Her estimated net worth ranges between $1 Million to $5 Million dollars. She makes most of her money through journalism as her primary source of income.

With husband Andy Cohen, she shares two children. They married on 17 August 2003 at Taverna Tony in Malibu. Benjamin and Elsie are their respective names.

Lisa is an attractive lady with a charming personality. She stands out with her blonde bob hair cut and slim body; additionally, Lisa has undergone plastic surgeries on both her nose and face to enhance her beauty further.

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