Lisa Left Eye Outfits

Left Eye Halloween Outfits

The late TLC member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes inspired a number of Halloween costumes. One of them was an homage to her iconic mugshot. The photo was taken in 1994, when Left Eye was a rapper and was arrested for setting fire to her boyfriend’s house. This image has sparked a bit of controversy, a reaction which has not only prompted the actress Monica McElhenney to recreate the look but also draw a lot of criticism.

While there was certainly a plethora of Halloween outfits to choose from, this costume has sparked a debate. Many people thought it was a tad too over the top, but it still got the job done. In fact, there are a number of similar Halloween costumes that were posted on Instagram by both celebrities and everyday folks.

While Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes is not a household name, her legacy was a major one. She was the third member of the groundbreaking ’90s girl group TLC, and helped lead the band both aesthetically and sonically. In addition to her contributions to TLC’s hit songs, she was known for her sexy tomboy swag, a vivid gaze, and idiosyncratic hairstyles. She even appeared in a Calvin Klein ad.

However, the most accurate recreation of this costume was by a woman who’s been rumored to be dating Kodak Black. The actress/model/modeling instructor Monica McElhenney put together a costume to pay homage to Lopes’ mugshot. The costume included a replica of her iconic mugshot, as well as a sign displaying the Fulton County Police Department’s booking number.

While some social media users took offense to this dress up, others seemed to enjoy the costume, especially since it was a bit of a homage to a tamer TLC member. T-Boz weighed in on the costume, saying that it was a fun way to pay homage to her former bandmate. Despite the mixed reviews, the actor has yet to address the backlash. She has even deleted the photos from her Instagram account, but has not responded to the criticism.

Aside from her mugshot, the actress also included the TLC logo in her Halloween attire. Her ensemble also included the foxy hairstyle that she allegedly had when she was a TLC member.

It’s no secret that Lopes had an acrobatic style, but she was also a beauty chameleon. Her signature look consisted of a side-swept fringe and a sculptural updo, plus a chromatic lip. She also wore a bright green wig, and wore a black box on the left side of her eye.

The TLC group did more than just create a rap hit; they also had a great sense of fashion. The group regularly experimented with luxe, yet affordable, clothing. This reflected their fearless attitude and refusal to follow trends. In a 1995 photograph, TLC wore Tommy Hilfiger clothing to the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. Similarly, TLC wore a blue ribbon to raise awareness for the ACLU.

Obviously, there were more impressive Halloween costumes to choose from, but this one was the oh so ’90s.

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