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Luca is an accomplished downhill mountain bike racer, frequently placing in podium spots at cross-country (XCO) races throughout the US. His Santa Cruz Blur is perfectly tailored for his gravity-based racing style.

Rent a city or trekking bike to explore Lucca and its environs, or embark on a multi-day cycling journey across Tuscany!

Early Life and Education

Luca is the youngest of five siblings. His father Albino works at Ohlins Suspension and introduced Luca and Walker into racing bikes at an early age.

When not riding, Luca spends time with his grandmother. Daniela overhears their conversation where Daniela discovers that Luca has been spending most of his time searching for sea cucumbers on land.

Alberto convinces Luca of the benefits of staying above ground, such as jumping from a ledge and belly flopping. Once Alberto makes him comfortable with these activities, they continue making the Vespa together until sunset; during which Luca becomes anxious about leaving but Alberto assures him he will make it on land and his family will find him.

Professional Career

After several years of racing BMX, Luca decided to give mountain biking a try and quickly became one of the premier junior mountain bikers worldwide, winning multiple World Cup events along the way.

Luca Vergallito, winner of the third Zwift Academy class, will make his professional cycling debut this season at Circuit des Ardennes – a four-day race which will serve as an initial evaluation of his abilities.

Luca Guercilena prefers urban streets over landscapes, as he finds them more engaging. When not managing Trek-Segafredo, his favorite way of spending a day is sipping coffee or enjoying a delicious meal in Milan – his hometown. This is what brings joy.

Achievement and Honors

Luca Bicycle, an accomplished professional mountain bike racer who has competed in several World Cup events since starting BMX racing at age 8, then mountain biking at 13, found his calling. Since then he has won multiple top ten finishes and hopes one day soon to take out top honors on the podium.

He completed undergraduate pilot training and served in Amendola, Italy at 13th Group/32nd Wing from 2001-2007 as Electronic Warfare Officer as well as being qualified on AM-X aircraft.

He is currently studying Experimental Flight Test Engineering. As part of Expedition 61 on the International Space Station, he undertook multiple complex spacewalks to repair Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, an instrument used for cosmic particle hunting.

Personal Life

After placing in the top 30 at Vallnord World Championship, Luca made the leap into Elite category and quickly established himself as one of the premier riders. All while managing his family life and serving as General Manager of Trek-Segafredo.

Luca’s overprotective parents send him away to live with his uncle Ugo, an Anglerfish-like sea monster. But while Luca misses the noise of life on land, his uncle refuses to allow it and takes away his freedom.

Giulia and Luca both participate in the triathlon independently, with Luca winning both swimming race and pasta-eating contest without ever revealing his identity. Unfortunately, during bike race rain begins pouring down; Alberto arrives with an umbrella but Ercole trip him up, exposing his true form and frightening him into running off in fear. Fearful, Luca quickly retreats into hiding from Ercole who turns out to be his brother-in-law Luca immediately leaves for home without ever giving an interview about himself!

Net Worth

The Luca Bicycle is handcrafted using sustainably-sourced bamboo that has been carefully handmade into each frame, lovingly decorated in vegetable epoxy coating for optimal performance and energy conservation. Steel or titanium frames flex as you pedal, wasting energy. Bamboo frames are more energy-efficient.

The bike features a banana seat, vintage handlebar grips and rear-wheel pegs; true fans of the show may even add camouflage bandana as part of its aesthetics. Lucas Brunelle is an acclaimed cinematographer best known for filming bicycle stunts and races; born August 3 1971 he hails from United States with an estimated net worth estimated around $5 Million – single with one sister!

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