Luca Perfume

Synesthetic abilities and artistic inspiration have enabled him to craft his unique scents. His love of Middle Eastern culture and its rich heritage is evident through the 777 collection.

Khol de Bahrein is an alluring scent evoking the Middle Eastern tradition of eye kohl eye makeup, featuring whisky’s warming notes with cocoa and Kashmir wood for an intensely hypnotic effect.

Early Life and Education

Rania Naim began her career in stylist, but ultimately transitioned into perfumery due to her love of scents. Inspired by perfume’s ability to allow her to express artistic sensibilities and creative genius without restrictions or boundaries, Rania established Rania Naim Atelier which would allow her to unleash all her artistic expression with no limitations imposed upon it.

Stephane Humbert Lucas is a Parisian perfumer born with synesthesia – an anomalous neurological condition which causes one sense to trigger another – who discovered that each material and accord in fragrance vibrated with different colors that allowed him to create his captivating and distinctive aromas.

He debuted his inaugural collection in 2012, drawing upon his love of the Orient as the birthplace of civilization. His fragrances incorporate ingredients such as Bulgarian rose, Italian lemon, three types of cedar wood, frankincense, myrrh and patchouli into each fragrance.

Professional Career

Lucas perfume’s scents reflect his deep appreciation of art and Middle Eastern culture, featuring scents like Crying of Evil or Mortal Skin with stories to tell from history. Each has their own tale to share.

Lucas, trained as a painter, utilizes his artistic sensibilities to craft exquisite fragrances. He pays careful attention to each composition’s harmony and contradiction as he observes its development; capturing thoughts, notes, poetry and images which come through him to produce unique fragrances that stand apart.

Every piece from 777 Collection is like an easel where notes, materials and accords are gradually inscribed over time. Inspired by painting, literature and music as well as synesthetic abilities and artistic influences from painting, literature and music; it includes Taklamakan woody-spicy snack and oriental sweet Khol de Bahrein to name just two of their best-selling creations.

Achievement and Honors

Luca has created over 50 perfumed creations for fine and main stream brands, air scents, candles, as well as his own brand Atelier Fragranze Milano. He has won multiple prestigious awards and prizes in recognition of his talent.

Luca is an artist of perfumery who crafts fragrances with lasting impression. As an ambassador of French perfumery, his creations have touched thousands of lives through his amazing art.

He has collaborated with Nez a Nez and SoOud to produce outstanding fragrances such as Rose de Petra, Black Gemstone and O Hira – an exquisite olfactory fantasy featuring fossilized amber that captures time’s passage, of distant shorelines laden with shells and minerals, of caves dripping salt water where spice boats sail past.

Personal Life

Stephane Humbert Lucas is a Parisian perfumer and artist. Trained as a painter under a Flemish master in southern France, studying tempera technique and pigment associations; later discovering synesthesia: an effect whereby stimulating one sense can cause another sense to come alive, such as smell.

His perfume house serves as an outlet for his artistic sensibilities and boundless creativity, free from marketing restrictions. Each fragrance he creates tells a unique tale.

777 O Hira is an aromatic fantasy of fossilized amber that conjures memories of distant shorelines adorned with shells and minerals, caves dripping with salty water where spice boats cruise by, and caves filled with fragrant incense-smoke that drift past on spice boat voyages. It is like incense but more powerful.

Net Worth

His current estimated net worth stands at approximately $185 Million and can be attributed to smart stock investments, substantial property holdings, and lucrative endorsement deals.

His perfume creations follow the principle of synesthesia – which links visual and olfactory senses directly. They reflect his travels and cultural heritage.

The 777 series of scents embodies this concept perfectly. Packed with luxurious essences and packaged in oriental-themed bottles, their aroma evokes Arabian Nights through allusions to oasis and mirages reminiscent of Arabian Nights tales. Rose de Petra was the inaugural offering in this series and features Bulgarian rose paired with exotic spices and woods for an exotic blend.

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